The 17th Kino Otok – Isola Cinema film festival is scheduled for the end of August

The 17th Kino Otok – Isola Cinema film festival is scheduled for the end of August

At the International Film Festival Kino Otok – Isola Cinema, the traditional June plans were crossed by exceptional circumstances this year as well. Therefore, another extraserial festival of film creativity and inspiring socializing in Izola will take place at the end of the summer, between the 25thand 29thof August 2021. Before and after, the festival program will also visit Ljubljana and several places in southwestern Slovenia. As a counterpoint to the countless uncertainties and changes of the last year and a half, Kino Otok will welcome audiences of all ages and winds as a reliable film constant: with a fresh selection of top film and accompanying program, in the company of filmmakers and an invitation to spread views on film, art, culture, society and life in general.

Alfred Hitchcock and Jimmy Barka Experience – a unique silent film experience with live music

At the festival in Izola we will present the unique experience of screening a silent feature film with live music. The classic The Tenant will be screened at the open-air cinema (The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog, 1926) by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock with live music by local masters, the eclectic trio Jimmy Barka Experience, consisting of DJs Borka and Bakto, and drummer and percussionist Marjan Stanić. The feature film tells the story of life in London during the “epidemic” of serial killer Jack the Ripper. It is a dizzying slide of passion, suspicion, jealousy, mystery and fear. The silent Hitchcock’s masterpiece already establishes many stylistic and content obsessions of the following works of the film giant and reveals his extravagant and witty view of the world.

Slovenian premieres of high-profile co-production films Sanremo and Oaza

The feature films Sanremo (Miroslav Mandić, Slovenia, Italy, 2020) and Oaza (Ivan Ikić, Serbia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, 2020) were made in Slovenian majority or minority co-productions and have resonated in the recent month’s largest foreign film festivals. In Slovenia, they will be premiered in Izola, at the 17th Kino Otok festival.

Sanremo by Bosnian-Slovenian author Miroslav Mandić is a gentle film about Bruno, who lives a life shrouded in mists of memories and oblivion in a home for the elderly. With a simple and poetic narrative, the director accurately outlines the feelings of memory loss through the veil of which the bright rays of friendship and love penetrate. The oasis of Serbian author Ivan Ikić is a story about a love triangle that takes place in an institution for young people with special needs. It is an explosive outburst of detail that weaves the tangible substance of life. The director’s method of working with naturalists who play fictional characters, unobtrusively elevates the banal nuances of everyday life into the spheres of poetry and truth.

We will host both directors and several members of the creative teams of both films in Izola.
We build bridges between film and other creativity: Robida magazine

Among the many accompanying contents that will enrich and enliven the program of the 17th Kino Otok film screenings in Izola, we highlight the Kino Otok residence of the Slovenian-Italian magazine for culture and art Robida. The editorial board of the magazine is based in the village of Topolove in Veneto, on the border between Slovenia and Italy, where the unique Topolove Station has been operating for decades. Over the years Robida has developed into a diverse project of a group of young artists who are wondering about the possibilities of working and living on the outskirts, organizing joint campaigns for cleaning abandoned stone terraces, organizing workshops and residences for young artists and constantly looking for new ideas and collaborations.At the 17th Kino Otok, the magazine’s employees in the pop-up editorial office in the Solar Hall of JSKD Izola, will present in various ways their work so far and above all, they will collect and research materials for the new issue of the magazine, which will be dedicated to the topic of Kino Otok.

Disclosure of the program and festival warm-up in Izola and Ljubljana

The whole program of the 17th Kino Otok will be published in the last days of July and the festival team will present it live in Izola and Ljubljana. In addition, at the transition from July to August we are announcing two warm-up festival events, the first one on the 29th of July 2021 at the Arrigoni Open-Air Cinema in Izola and the second one on the 9th of August 2021 in Ljubljana. We are preparing the event in cooperation with the co-producers of the festival, Izola Centre for Culture, Sport and Events and the Ljubljana Slovenian Cinematheque.

The producerof the festival is Otok, an institute for the Development of Film Culture. The co-producersof the festival are the Izola Centre for Culture, Sport and Events, the Slovenian Cinematheque and Kinoatelje. The city cinema Kinodvor and the Italian self-governing national community of Izola are partnersof the festival.

The 17th edition of the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema International Film Festival is supported by the following public co-financiers: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the Municipality of Izola, the European Commission’s Creative Europe – MEDIA sub-program, the European Commission and the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.

The festival will be held in a situation-adapted format and taking into account all applicable preventive measures and instructions.

See you on the Island of Cinema!