Films and Guests




Ona / Olu / She
Shaji N. Karun, India, 2018, 109’

6. 6., 21:00

9. 6., 10:00 (Odeon)

A film about an inspiring but nevertheless also destructive relationship between men and women, between a painter and a mysterious mermaid, between province and the metropolitan centre, between dreams and reality, between reverie and actuality, and a film about the different images of beauty. Believe in the power of dreams, but never try to catch them… In collaboration with International Film Festival Innsbruck.

Talk: Shaji N. Karun!


Jedro sveta / Serdtse mira / Core of the World

Natalia Meshchaninova, Russia, Lithuania, 2018, 124’
7. 6., 21:00
A young vet, who clearly feels more at ease with four-legged creatures than he does with people, works and lives at a remote rural facility where they use domesticated foxes to train hunting dogs. A tense and naturalistic story about our animal need to belong furiously and yet gently uncovers layers of human behaviours and desires.

Screening with: miauuu. (Davorin Marc, 2016, 4’)


Ti imaš noč / Ti imaš noć / You Have the Night

Ivan Salatić, Montenegro, Serbia, Qatar, 2018, 82’

7. 6., 23:30
8. 6., 13:00 (Odeon)

The Montenegrin coastal town of Bijela used to be a place of vibrant life with a huge shipyard, but, with the passage of time and its deindustrialization, it has lost the meaning of its existence. The town is not merely the film’s setting; it is also its collective character, a reflection and a driving force of the aimlessness of its inhabitants. A road movie about roads that lead nowhere, a transition with no end and a silence constantly interrupted by noise.

Talk: Ivan Salatić!


Čas se je ustavil / Il tempo si è fermato / Time Stood Still

Ermanno Olmi, Italy, 1959, 83’

8. 6., 21:00

The sublime debut feature by master Ermanno Olmi, whose unique cinematic vision has strongly enriched the history of film and several editions of the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema film festival, is a gentle and powerful tribute to seemingly banal routines of the common person. The poetic and witty images of daily routines, small gestures and tender nuances of human relationships enfolded in the mighty setting of the snowbound Alps will shine on the big screen from a magnificent black-and-white 35mm print! In collaboration with the Slovenian Cinematheque and Cineteca di Bologna.

+ Live music intro: Elvis Šahbaz, (io)


Selfi / Selfie
Agostino Ferrente, France, Italy, 2019, 76’
8. 6., 23:30
26. 5., 21:00 (Koper)
4. 6., 20:30 (Sežana)
7. 6., 20:00 (Tolmin)

Pietro and Alessandro, two sixteen-year-olds from the notorious Neapolitan neighbourhood Rione Traiano, portray themselves and their surroundings with their smartphones in the shadow of police violence and mafia omnipresence. Through colourful and lively footage of buzzing mopeds, inane posturing, profound encounters and sincere disclosures, a bigger picture emerges of a steadfast and sensitive friendship and of harsh circumstances in a crumbling society where this friendship lives and flourishes. In collaboration with Stazione di Topolò.




Anouk De Clercq: Beyond, Between, Beneath. (Programme of shorts), 58’

7. 6., 16:00

Dirigent/Conductor (Belgium, 2004, 2’), Petit Palais (Belgija/Belgium, 2002, 14’), Oh (Belgium, France, 2010, 8’), Portal (Belgium, 2002, 14’), Sonar (Belgium, 2001, 2’), Švist/Whoosh (Belgium, 2001, 13’), Jaz+/Me+ (Belgium, 2004, 5’)

World-building through minimalism, suggestion, the abstract. Are we viewing landscape or its surface? The use of text gives rise to a tension between the embodied and the disembodied, between presence and absence, the narrated and the innate. De Clercq maps a cinema that poses fundamental questions about the mechanics of viewing, positioning and understanding it.

Talk: Anouk De Clercq!


Antigravitation: Lithuanian short documentaries, 89’

5. 6., 17:00

Razvedri se, Virginij!/Nenusimink, Virginijau!/Cheer Up, Virginijus! (Viktoras Starošas,1962, 21′), Sanje stoletnikov/Šimtamečių godos/The Dreams of the Centenarians (Robertas Verba, 1969, 17′), Čas teče skozi mesto/Laikas eina per miestą/Time Passes Through the City (Almantas Grikevičius, 1966, 17′), Premišljevanja/Atspindžiai/Reflections (Henrikas Šablevičius, 1968, 15′), Antigravitacija/Antigravitation (Audrius Stonys, 1995, 19′)

The selected documentaries by five Lithuanian filmmakers were – with the exception of Audrius Stonys’ Antigravitation – made in the 1960s, which were marked especially by the generation of filmmakers educated at VGIK, Moscow, the oldest film school in the world. Their work was characterised by their opposition to the politically motivated Soviet documentary cinema, documentaries began to open to visual associations, playing with sound, editing…


Balangiga: Tuleča divjina / Balangiga: Howling Wilderness

Khavn, Philippines, 2018, 115’

7. 6., 21:30

In 1901, the Filipinos struggled against their new “owners” – the Americans. One of their attacks was met with a merciless reaction of the invaders: General Jacob H. Smith issued an order for the soldiers to turn the interior of Samar into “a howling wilderness” and kill everyone over the age of ten because they were capable of carrying weapons. Balangiga is a film about violence, but this is precisely why it also meticulously shows its opposite: the elemental, unspoilt love, the purity of a child’s actions, the care for living beings, play, song and the warmth of our loved ones. In collaboration with the Kurja polt festival.


Bog obstaja, ime ji je Petrunija / Gospod postoi, imeto i’ e Petrunija / God Exists, Her Name Is Petrunya

Teona Strugar Mitevska, Macedonia, Belgium, France, Croatia, Slovenia, 2019, 100’

8. 6., 10:00

A film about a “normal” 32-year-old in an “abnormal” world: Petrunya graduated in history and is more interested in the Chinese revolution than she is in the hero Alexander the Great, she does not care about make-up and tight clothes, which her mother wishes her to wear, and finds sexual harassment at a job interview intolerable even though other people just shrug it off. In her patriarchal, deeply religious Macedonian village, Petrunya herself, her very existence is a subversive element.

Talk: Monika Lorber, Danijel Hočevar!


Črna mati / Black Mother

Khalik Allah, USA, 2018, 77’

7. 6., 11:00

11. 6., 21:00 (Kinoteka)

Homage to a multicultural, brutal and yet deeply spiritual Jamaica. Its colourful images, shot alternatively on 16mm and 8mm film and in digital format, and supported by testimonies of people in the street, create a unique, rhythmic, poetic and at the same time detailed picture of a godforsaken country ravaged by the West.


Dom borcev / Dom boraca / Home of the Resistance

Ivan Ramljak, Croatia, 2018, 49’

6. 6., 19:00

The Home of the Resistance, a scientific research centre in Kumrovec, is empty and dilapidated. But when at the height of summer before the former Fighters’ Day (4 July) cleaning and small maintenance works are carried out in it, it seems as if its transience were briefly halted. The following day, a few visitors come, quietly or shyly walking around; afterwards, peace and quiet is restored.

Talk: Ivan Ramljak!


Nabiranje / Mosavali / The Harvest

Misho Antadze, Georgia, 2019, 70’

8. 6., 18:30

Antadze takes us to a truly “hidden” corner of Georgia to expose an unlikely, compelling intersection of the ancient and the ultra-modern. In the rural area of Kakheti, cash-strapped farmers, their traditional way of life in decline, are increasingly turning to the maintenance of computer-tech infrastructure. Many of their old-school barns are now devoid of quadruped mammalian life, instead thrumming to the low-key hum of the machines whose computations are crucial to the myriad interactions by which Bitcoin is “mined” and therefore thrives.

Talk: Misho Antadze!


Najlepša dežela na svetu / Das schönste Land der Welt / The Most Beautiful Country in the World

Želimir Žilnik, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, 2018, 101’

8. 6., 15:30

20. 6., 21:00 (Kinodvor)

Only those crossing the border truly control it and, on their way, (politically) eliminate it with an evolutionary leap, by overcoming history and reinventing the future. The documentary shifts into fiction, fiction into a documentary, a social study also capable of embodying the emotional and individual values of the people with whom relationships are developed that often transcend the needs of the film. Relationships that break the banks, shifting and breaking the boundaries between cinema and life.

Talk: Želimir Žilnik!


Ostanki – izpovedi duhovom / Remains – Confessions to the Ghosts

Niko Novak, Matevž Jerman, Slovenia, 2018, 40’

7. 6., 18:00

Niko Novak’s songs inhabit and carve out the physical and interpersonal landscapes and distances discarded by another film – with sound, melody, expressiveness and voice weaved into dark, balladic rock. Something highly amorphous, intangible, restless and presently absent is embodied; we hunt ghosts, memories and feelings that inhabit the spaces between pictures and songs. “If you have ghosts, you have everything.”

Talk: Niko Novak, Matevž Jerman!


Otroci mrtvih / Die Kinder der Toten / The Children of the Dead

Kelly Copper, Pavol Liška, Austria, 2019, 90’

9. 6., 18:15

6. 6., 19:00 (Idrija)

Welcome to the Austrian Styria! A Super-8 silent film collides with Heimatfilm, but the pastoral idyll soon goes off the rails when the resurrection of the dead brings to life an image of modern Central Europe, its Nazi past and the grinning fangs of xenophobia. A very free adaptation of the eponymous text by Elfriede Jelinek.

Talk: Claus Philipp!

Screening with: Po:natis 12./Re:print 12. (Davorin Marc, 2019, 2’)


Podoba migracij / The Migrating Image

Stefan Kruse, Denmark, 2018, 29’

Talk: Stefan Kruse!





Obzornik 63 – Vlak senc / Newsreel 63 – The Train of Shadows
Nika Autor, Slovenia, 2017, 38’

9. 6., 16:00

From the moment the first refugees from Syria and other war zones started arriving in EU countries, the paranoid phantasm about migrations, which came to dominate the public discourse, has consisted not only of words but also and especially of a myriad of images. Images in themselves do not convey anything that would be crystal clear. But even before they mean anything, they are in a way ordered, selected and placed in inter-relations. Very rarely, they are images of the journey itself, the images of the situations experienced by the travellers.

Talk: Nika Autor!


Preporod / First Reformed

Paul Schrader, USA, UK, Australia, 2017, 113’

6. 6., 14:00

4. 6., 19:00 (Kinodvor)

“Can God forgive us for what we’ve done to this world?” When the question of God’s will cuts into the everyday, it often causes silence. In the loneliness of his disease, pain and guilt, an embittered priest and former soldier heads the First Reformed museum-like church. The emptiness that spreads like rust under the surface of images is broken by a young parishioner who asks the priest to talk to her husband, a radical environmentalist. A manifesto of the ecological catastrophe, the excessiveness of capitalism and human greed, but also a brutally poetical manifesto of human loneliness and the need for closeness.


Režeči maček / Il sorriso del gatto / The Cat’s Smile

Mario Brenta, Karine de Villers, Italy, 2018, 61’

7. 6., 13:00

A journey without dialogues into our present society, an observation about what we can see every day or what we cannot see at all, a film about the homeless and people living on the margins, migrants, wanderers, clochards, shepherds and street artists. The audience has to stay open and discover the unexpected; during a trip, you never know what comes next. In this film, we are all part of a whole, united by common things. In collaboration with Omaggio a una visione/Homage to a Vision festival, which presented the author with the Darko Bratina Award in 2017.

Talk: Karine de Villers, Mario Brenta!


Starodavni gozdovi / Sengiré / The Ancient Woods

Mindaugas Survila, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, 2017, 85’

6. 6., 12:00

23. 5., 21:00 (Cerknica)

The cameraman and director Mindaugas Survila dreamt of making such a film since the fifth grade. Overall, it took twelve years to get prepared for the project. In the first four years, the director studied the history of old Lithuanian forests and then travelled to find them and get familiarised with their inhabitants. The latter was a great challenge for Mindaugas, for each animal requires a different kind of approach and a different type of equipment to capture its behaviour, movements and sounds.

Screening with: Dobrodošlica./Welcome. (Davorin Marc, 2017, 3’)


Taurunum Boy

Jelena Maksimović, Dušan Grubin, Serbia, 2018, 70’

7. 6., 19:30

In cross-section, we observe Zemun, a Belgrade district built in Austro-Hungarian style on the northern bank of the Danube, which has for centuries gazed at its oriental Other across the river border. The camera stands and young people simply are and act, trapped somewhere between standard fiction, the fiction of a documentary and their everyday. Young people trapped in a youth that seems unchangeable in the post-socialist reality. In their ecosystem, the boys and girls from Zemun ebb and flow together with life; the sets of possible narrative lines, mysteries and evidences unfurling before our eyes.

Talk: Jelena Maksimović!



Anna Eborn, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, 2019, 93’

6. 6., 16:30

A captivating coming-of-age story and an atmospheric film in a memorable visual language. The director’s intriguing cinematic flow creates a lyrical documentary tale that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional documentary filmmaking. The choice of the gritty 16mm camera emphasises the visual poeticism inherent in this film, just like her choice of music: sensual and some kind of pop. This blends in perfectly with the filmmaker’s portrayal of one year in the life of a group of teenagers and succeeds in capturing elusive, but precious moments of innocence that seem to exist outside space and time.



Lucrecia Martel, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, Mexico, The Netherlands, Portugal, USA, UK, Dominican Republic, 2017, 115’

6. 6., 20:30

19. 6., 21:30 (Kinodvor)

Doctor don Diego de Zama, “the forceful executive, the pacifier of Indians, the warrior who rendered justice without recourse to the sword. Zama, who put down the native rebellion without wasting a drop of Spanish blood, winning honors from his monarch and the respect of the conquered”, is the victim of eternal waiting. At the end of the 18th century, the administrator of the Spanish colonial authorities cannot be promoted due to his descent (he was born in the colonies). But Zama’s waiting is filled with constant tension, it is too tense, a scintillating field charged with energy.


Zgodovina prašiča (v nas) / De geschiedenis van het varken (in ons) / The History of the Pig (Within Us)

Jan Vromman, Belgium, 2017, 122’

9. 6., 13:00

10. 6., 20:30 (Kinodvor)

Pigs and people have been living side by side since time immemorial. Tales, rules and rituals have inscribed in the human consciousness a deep and complex meaning for this animal: pig stands for impurity and fertility, it is a metaphor for human greed and gluttony, but also an existential assurance for the survival of the community… Beginning in the director’s “childhood panorama”, the village of Wingene, Flanders, home to more pigs than people, the film traces this often conflicting bond from Spain to China and from Pleistocene to the present; the bond that has been woven by man and their animal in the thousands of years of coexistence.

Talk: Jan Vromman!




Razglednice / Kartoline / Postcards

Igor Bezinović, Hrvoslava Brkušić, Katerina Duda, Ivana Pipal, Ante Zlatko Stolica, Darovan Tušek, Croatia, 2019, izbor, 40’

7. 6., 20:30

Postcards that come to life and, in subtly humorous ways, take us to the parts of the Croatian countryside where the lines between myth and reality were blurred a long time ago.

Momjan, 4’, Gornja Stubica, 5’, Tounj, 6’, Ždala,5’, Susak, 6’, Prezid, 5’, Šušnjevica, 5’, Štrigova 4’

Talk: Igor Bezinović!




6. 6., 21:00


POLOVIČNO MESTO / HALF THE CITY (Rebeka Bratož Gornik, Slovenia, 2019, 11′), PARKING_SPACE (Anne Tassel, Slovenia, 2019, 2′), VRČ RAKOV / BUCKET FULL OF CRABS (Katarina Blažič, Slovenia, Portugal, 2018, 1′), 1. (Ece Ezer, Slovenia, 2018, 2′), GRAFIT / LE GRAFFITI / THE GRAFFITI (Aurélien Laplace, France, 2019, 10′), GRAFITI / GRAFFITI (Rick Niebe, Italy, 2018, 1′), O LUNI, MESECU IN NJUNEM ODSEVU / ON THE MOON, LUNA, AND THEIR REFLECTION (Ivana Vogrinc Vidali, Slovenia, 2018, 22′), POD OKRILJEM / SHELTERED (Ula Pogorevčnik, Slovenia, 2018, 10′), UTELEŠANJE / EMBODYING (Uroš Marolt, Slovenia, 2018, 6′), BEND VS BREND / BAND VS BRAND (Simona Jerala, Hanna Szentpeteri, Slovenia, 22′), SAM (Gašper Markun, Slovenia, 2019, 9′), NEŽKA / NELLIE (Gaja Moderndorfer, Slovenia, 2018, 15′), VLOGA / THE ROLE (Farnoosh Samadi, Iran, Italy, 2018, 12′), VSA TA BITJA / ALL THESE CREATURES (Charles Williams, Australia, 2018, 13′), VOŽNJA, PESEM ZA OČETA / DRIVE, A POEM FOR MY FATHER (Irena Gatej, Slovenia, 2018, 13′)


7. 6., 21:00

VIDEO ON THE BEACH II: BEYOND CONSCIENCE, programme of shorts with Q&As

KAR OD NEKOD / OUT OF NOWHERE (Žiga Stupica, Slovenia, 2018, 5′), COLD MEAT (Rajat Sharma, Slovenia, 2018, 15′), UGRIZ VESTI / GRIŽA SAVESTI / THE BITE OF CONSCIENCE (Strahinja Mlađenović, Serbia, Slovenia, 2018, 12′), METOD (Tomaž Gorkič, Slovenia, 2017, 5′), POROTA / SUSPENCION D’AUDIENCE / ADJOURNMENT (Nina Marissiaux, Belgium, 2018, 22′), SOVRAŽIM SONCE / I HATE THE SUN (Fabris Šulin, Slovenia, 2019, 7′), MAŠINA SPOMINA / MEMORY MACHINE (Kristina Kokalj, Slovenia, 2018, 5′), TUNGRUS (Rishi Chandna, India, 2018, 14′), ŠOLA / SCHOOL (Aron Horvath, Slovenia, 2017, 20′), GOVORILNE URE / PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCE (Gašper Antauer, Slovenia, 2018, 28′)


8. 6., 21:00


SLUŽKINJE / AMOS LAS CIRADAS POR IRREALES / MAIDS (Sofia Castro, Argentina, 2018, 5′), MOJE OSEBNE REČI / MY INTIMATE BUSINESS (Anne-Pauline Serres, Slovenia, 2019, 7′), PLES LJUBEZNI / DANCE OF LOVE (Leo Černic, Slovenia, 2018, 6′), FUNDAMENTI / FUNDAMENTS (Peter Cerovšek, Slovenia, 2018, 22′), IMAGO 6 (Paride Di Stefano, 2018, 3′), IZGUBILA SEM VSE SVOJE FOTOALBUME / I HAVE LOST ALL MY PHOTO ALBUMS (Teja Miholič, Slovenia, France, 2019, 2′), PASJI DNEVI POLETJA / MI SMO VIDELI LETO / DOG DAYS OF SUMMER (Nikola Stojanović, Serbia, 2019, 20′), NAPORNO / HARD (Sasha Ihnatovich, Jasmina Mustafić, Slovenia, 2019, 5′), VIDENO / SEEN (Vid Merlak, Slovenia, 2018, 17′), TELO PROSTORA / BODY OF SPACE (Evin Hadžialjević, Slovenia, 2018, 7′), CVETENJE / PUPANJE / BLOOMING (Dora Šuštić, Czech Republic, 2018, 14′), MRZLA POLETNA NOČ / A COLD SUMMER NIGHT (Yash Sawant, India, 2018, 21′), OBJEMI IN DOTIK KOŽE / EMBRACES & THE TOUCH OF SKIN (Sara Koppel, Denmark, 2019, 3′)


9. 6., 21:00

VIDEO ON THE BEACH IV: BEYOND HOME, programme of shorts with Q&As

FETUS (Jan Devetak, Italy, 2018, 3′), KRAJ, OD KODER VAM PIŠEM PISMA / MJESTO ODAKLE VAM PIŠEM PISMA / THE PLACE I AM WRITING YOU LETTERS FROM (Nikolina Bogdanović, Croatia, 2018, 9′), ASSUNTA (Ester Ivakič, Slovenia, 2018, 18′), RUMENA MAZDA IN NJEGOVA SVETOST / LA MAZDA JAUNE ET SA SAINTETÉ / THE YELLOW MAZDA AND HIS HOLINESS (Sandra Heremans, Belgium, 2018, 11′), NEIZBEŽNO ZNAČILNO / BAGA’T DIRI TUHAY TA’T PAMAHUNGPAHUNG / THE IMMINENT IMMANENT (Carlo Francisco Manatad, Philippines, Singapore, Italy, 2018, 15′), 3. SEPTEMBER 2015 / 3. RUJNA 2015 / SEPTEMBER 3, 2015 (Sara Jurinčić, Croatia, 2018, 10′), BLAGOSLOVLJENA DEŽELA / BLESSED LAND (Phạm Ngọc Lân, Vietnam, 2019, 19′), SURPRISE SCREENING





Sončna dvorana JSKD Izola


7. 6., 17:00
The Gruffalo 3+
Jakob Schuh, Max Lang, UK, 2009, 27′, In Slovene

A magical story of a mouse that goes for a walk through the dark forest, looking for a nut, and nearly ends up being eaten himself. After using all his wit and many clever tricks to outsmart a fox, an owl and a snake, the brave mouse comes face to face with – a real gruffalo! Based on the best-selling children’s book by writer Julie Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler.

Free admission.




8. 6., 10:30
 1-2-3, Mury the Cat 3+
Boris Dolenc, Jernej Žmitek, Slovenia, 2013–2018, 33′, In Slovene

In the fictional world of animation, the mini-series brings to life the stories of Mury the Cat, Missy, and other inhabitants of the Cat City, based on a popular Slovenian children’s book by Kajetan Kovič. Set to legendary songs performed by Neca Falk, new twists and turns of the beloved characters guarantee plenty of fun for audiences of all ages.

Free admission.



House of Culture


8. 6., 17:00
(Tolmin: 7. 6., 18:00)
Los bando 9+
Christian Lo, Norway, Sweden, 2018, 94′, In Norwegian with Slovenian subtitles

A teen comedy about a fabulous gang of misfits who embark on a road trip to fulfil their dreams. Grim and Axel are best friends and keen musicians with a rock band called Los Bando Immortale, featuring Grim on drums and Axel on guitar and terrible vocals. When they get accepted to the National Championship of Rock, the only candidate to audition to join the band is the 9-year-old Thilda on cello. This will be one crazy journey! The film was nominated for the EFA Young Audience Award 2019.

Screening with Fresh Film Catch, a film made by schoolchildren
Vstop prepovedan (izbirni predmet Vzgoja za medije OŠ Prežihovega Voranca v Ljubljani, RTV Slovenija, Zavod Na robu, 2019, 10′, In Slovene)




Vitello 7+ (družinski film)
Dorte Bengtson, Denmark, UK, 2018, 72′, In English with Slovenian subtitles

Vitello is a perky boy who lives with his mum in a nice suburban house, enjoys being silly with friends and eats plenty of spaghetti. There is only one problem: he doesn’t know his dad. As his mum is no help, Vitello sets out in search of a father, only to find someone he isn’t quite expecting. Based on popular Danish children’s books, this is a tender tale peppered with wacky humour. In collaboration with Kinobalon.

Screenings are organised as part of Moving Cinema, a European project co-funded by the EU’s Creative Europe MEDIA programme.







4. 6., 19:00

Preporod/First Reformed, 113’

10. 6., 20:30

Zgodovina prašiča (v nas)/The History of the Pig (Within Us), 122

Talk: Jan Vromman

19. 6., 21:30 (in v izbranih terminih)

Zama, 115’

19. 6., 21:30 (premiera v sodelovanju s FMF)

Najlepša dežela na svetu/The Most Beautiful Country in the World, 102

Talk: Želimir Žilnik


Kinodvor: Kinobalon

8. 6. (17:00), 9. 6. (15:15), 16. 6. (17:15), 22. 6. (17:00)

Dorte Bengtson, Denmark, UK, 2018, 72′, In English with Slovenian subtitles

Vitello is a perky boy who lives with his mum in a nice suburban house, enjoys being silly with friends and eats plenty of spaghetti. There is only one problem: he doesn’t know his dad. As his mum is no help, Vitello sets out in search of a father, only to find someone he isn’t quite expecting. Based on popular Danish children’s books, this is a tender tale peppered with wacky humour. In collaboration with Kinobalon.

Screenings are organised as part of Moving Cinema, a European project co-funded by the EU’s Creative Europe MEDIA programme.



Slovenska kinoteka

1. 6., 19:00

Paradise Lost: Programme of shorts by Vittorio De Seta

Kmetje morja/Contadini del mare/Peasants Of The Sea (1955, 9′), Pozabljeni/I dimenticati/The Forgotten (1959, 17′), Ognjeni otoki/Isole di fuoco/Islands of Fire (1954, 9′), Čas mečaric/Lu tempu di li pisci spata/The Time Of Swordfish (1954, 9′), Velika noč na Siciliji/Pasqua in Sicilia/Easter in Sicily (1955, 8′), Zlata parabola/Parabola d’oro/Golden Parable (1955, 9′), Ribiške barke/Pescherecci/Fishing (1958, 10′), Pastirji iz Orgosola/Pastori di Orgosolo/Shepherds of Orgosolo (1958, 10′), Rudniki žvepla/Surfarara/Sulphur Mines (1955, 9′), Dan v Barbagii/Un giorno in Barbagia/A Day In Barbagia (1958, 9′)

De Seta’s eye discovered coarse hands, weary faces and slim silhouettes that at sunset return home to the isolated, but wonderful villages. In his short films, everyday acts are transformed into a ritual. Work is not separated from life, but is a part of it, for example waiting for fish or sleeping after lunch in the golden wheat fields. De Seta is interested in the harmony, tolerance and poetry of community life, coexisting intertwined with the seasons, storms, the glaring midday sun, volcanos.


1. 6., 21:15

Na kopnem / Terra Franca / Ashore

Leonor Teles, Portugal, 2018, 82’

The main hero is coercively washed ashore. From the quiet routine, waking up before dawn and long hours on a small old boat, the fisherman’s everyday moves to the family house, in which his wife has just bought a new vacuum cleaner for five hundred euros, his older daughter is getting married and the younger one announces she is moving out. The portrait of Albertino, a man who does not speak much, for it seems that his timeless face with its sharp features carved by the salt and the wind bears witness instead of him, slowly extends to the happening in the family house and the three women in it.


11. 6., 19:00

Med ljudmi: Življenje in igra / Među ljudima: Život i gluma / Among the People: Life & Acting

Želimir Žilnik, Serbia, 2018, 83’

Žilnik made this film for Shadow Citizens, an exhibition about his work at the Nova Gallery in Zagreb. In the film, he finds some of his film heroes; memories intertwine with film excerpts and footage from his shoots. From a memorial document, the film grows into an important film creation, awakening Žilnik’s filmmaking passion, which, during the shoots, infected the members of his film crews and now, in a way characteristic for his filmmaking, again stages filmic situations that include the simultaneity of the banal and the “larger than life”.

11. 6., 21:00

Črna mati/Black Mother, 77’



Vrt Pokrajinskega muzeja Koper (In case of rain: Pokrajinski muzej)

25. 5., 21:00

Tomos: Narejeno v Jugoslaviji / Tomos: Made In Yugoslavia

Nataša Mihelič, Peter Leban, Slovenia, 2018, 54’

A culturological and sociological, spinning and entertaining, and insightful and nostalgic examination of the phenomenon of the Tomos vehicle factory, which brought a global story to the post-war devastated coastal region: it attracted workers from all over Slovenia and the then Yugoslavia, provided security for the population with work opportunities and its integration into the community, and triggered a lively economic, technological and cultural progress. Today, Tomos’ legacy still echoes among the coastal population.

+ Surprise secreening

26. 5., 21:00

Selfi/Selfie, 76’

In collaboration with the Italian community ‘Santorio Santorio’ Koper, Stazione di Topolò and the Koper Youth Centre.



Vrt galerije Krpan v Cerknici

23. 5., 21:00

Starodavni gozdovi/The Ancient Woods, 85’

Kosovelov dom Sežana

4. 6., 20:30

Selfi/Selfie, 76’

Filmsko gledališče Idrija

6. 6., 19:00

Otroci mrtvih/The Children of the Dead, 90’

Kinogledališče Tolmin

7. 6., 18:00

Los Bando, 94’
Christian Lo, Norway, Sweden, 2018, 94′, In Norwegian with Slovenian subtitles

A teen comedy about a fabulous gang of misfits who embark on a road trip to fulfil their dreams. Grim and Axel are best friends and keen musicians with a rock band called Los Bando Immortale, featuring Grim on drums and Axel on guitar and terrible vocals. When they get accepted to the National Championship of Rock, the only candidate to audition to join the band is the 9-year-old Thilda on cello. This will be one crazy journey! The film was nominated for the EFA Young Audience Award 2019.

Screening with Fresh Film Catch, a film made by schoolchildren

Vstop prepovedan (izbirni predmet Vzgoja za medije OŠ Prežihovega Voranca v Ljubljani, RTV Slovenija, Zavod Na robu, 2019, 10′, In Slovene)


7. 6., 20:00

Selfi/Selfie, 76’

Izola, Slovenia
Platna (so), platen (ni dovolj), platnom (se čudimo), platna (postavljamo), (pod) platni (se družimo), (s) platni (praznujemo film). 🙃 Zelo nas zanima, kakšnih vsebin si želite na kinootoških platnih in pod njimi ➡️ izpolnite vprašalnik v bio! Hvala. 🌊 #kinootok #isolacinema @visitizola
Jutri se odpira februarski spletni Kino Istra, ki ga pripravljamo v partnerstvu z @motovunfilmfestival 🙌 V njem boste našli film o legendarnem frontmanu istrskih KUD Idijotov, nagrajeni španski film o korupciji Kraljestvo, še posebej pa smo se posvetili programu, ki bo razveselil družine med šolskimi počitnicami. Filmi bodo na ogled od 19. 2. do 29. 2. 2021. ➡️ Za več info povezava v bio. ➡️
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