Sharpening the Gaze at Kino Otok – Isola Cinema

Sharpening the Gaze is a film criticism workshop of the Kino! Society for Expanding Film Culture, which now already traditionally also takes place at the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema international film festival and was thus also part of its 15th edition in Izola between 5 and 9 June 2019. At the Odeon Art Cinema and under the starry sky of Video on the Beach, senior high-school students and university students watched select film treats and, in a relaxed festival atmosphere in the shade on the beach, conducted in-depth discussions of what they had seen, followed the festival guests and asked them questions, wrote texts and perfected them with the help of their two mentors – Dr Maja Krajnc, film theoretician and editor-in-chief of KINO!, and film theoretician Robert Kuret – while pleasantly camping at the festival (S)camp.


The final texts are published on the Sharpening the Gaze blog (in Slovenian) and some of them also in KINO! Magazine for Cinema and Cinematic Issues.