Tonight, Manzioli Open-Air Cinema presents the delicate tale of Shun Li And The Poet and the documentary drama Caesar Must Die

Just like numerous visitors, the weather has been more than kind to the first three nights of the festival, the skies above Manzioli Open-Air Cinema being clear and starry. We hope the trend continues tonight, as we'd like to present our cinephilic visitors with two different stories: Shun Li And The Poet, a delicate tale about a fondness in the making, and the winner of this year's Berlinale, the drama Caesar Must Die.
Shun Li And The Poet, directed by Andrea Segre who is going to be present at the screening, shall begin at 9 p.m. The film presents the story of a charismatic fisherman, played by Rade Šerbedžija who visited our festival yesterday but had to move on promptly due to other duties. Milan Rakovac, the godfather of the picture, who is going to have lead the discussion with the director, described the film in the following way:
»This is our Adriatic world, the world of excellent fishermen, »chiozzos«, who have been in a row with their neighbours for centuries, like in Goldoni's comedy Le baruffe chiozzotte (Quarrels at the seaside) or in the words of the poet Mate Balota: We got ourselves drunk with wine / full with polenta / and the chiozzos said: “perdio, che gente!” ... A film for our Mediterranean soul! A gentle, socially critical, warm film, bathed in bonanzas and mist that the camera professionally navigates within ...«

At 11 p.m. the cinema under the stars is going to present the film of the famous Taviani brothers, Caesar Must Die, which is going to be introduced by another film director, Giovanna Taviani, Vittorio's daughter, who has also been invited to the Island to present her film Return to the Aeolian Islands which is going to be shown at Art kino Odeon tonight. The godfather of the picture Igor Pribac, who is going to talk to Mrs. Taviani, commented on the film:
»Caesar's assassination and the death of the republic acquire a thrilling power of address when performed in the authentic environment of a heavily guarded wing of the Rebibbia prison and spoken out by real criminals in their own dialects from the south of Italy. What are we prepared to sacrifice to defend the republic against caesarianism, i.e. tyranny, despotism, authoritarianism, autocracy, imperialism? Do we even care about the res publica?«

A social event at the Light house is going to conclude the fourth day of the festival, marked by »islanding«. A pleasant musical background is going to be provided by another chronic returner to the Island, the unstoppable notorious dance beat lover MM Checkman!