12 Emerging Film Editors And Sound Designers From The Region Selected For FOKUS

12 Emerging Film Editors And Sound Designers From The Region Selected For FOKUS

The 14th edition of International Film Festival Kino Otok – Isola Cinema is ready to welcome twelve emerging filmmakers from Italy, Croatia and Slovenia, who have been selected at the public call for second international training and networking programme FOCUS. As part of the PRO Otok scheme, it will take place in Izola, Slovenia, from 6 until 9 June 2018. FOCUS is intended for broad professional audience; therefore part of the programme activities with renowned filmmakers, editor Dragan von Petrovic, sound designer Julij Zornik, sound designer Paul Davies, and director Rati Oneli, will be open for PRO pass holders and all interested individuals.

The FOCUS public call was open from 9 April until 6 May, and had attracted 40 film talents on the fields of film editing and sound design from the region. 12 candidates have been selected by the committee to participate in the four-day training and networking event that will take place in Izola for the second time in Kino Otok’s history.


Participants from Italy are film editors Martina Marafatto and Martina Zamolo, and sound designers Massimiliano Borghesi and Eric Nardin. Participants from Croatia are film editors Dunja Sikirić and Tomislav Stojanović, and sound designers Luka Gamulin and Viktor Grabar. Participants from Slovenia are film editors Tina Lagler and Saša Škulj and sound designers Vincent Laurence and Dejan Stojčič.

The committee consisted of Otok Head Programmer and film director Varja Močnik, sound designer and president of  Slovene Society of Postproduction Artists Julij Zornik, film editor and vice-president of Slovene Society of Postproduction Artists Olga Toni.


Part of FOCUS programme that will take place in Izola from Wednesday, 6 June, until Saturday, 9 June, will be open for PRO Pass holders and interested individuals:

7. 6., 14.30–16.00, Manzioli Palace
Case Study: Rati Oneli, City of the Sun
Filmmaker Rati Oneli will speak about the process of making his documentary feature debut City of the Sun (2017), which went on to receive a number of awards at festivals worldwide, including the Best Documentary award at the Sarajevo FF. Oneli will also discuss his approach to editing and sound design. “My aim was to make a film which seeps through the viewers’ pores and stays with them, a film that is at times intangible like poetry and to which the viewer can come back again and again for more emotion.”Rati Oneli
The film screens before the presentation at 11 am in Art Cinema Odeon.
For FOCUS participants and PRO Pass holders.

7. 6., 16.30–18.00, Manzioli Palace
Masterclass Paul Davies: Sound Design for Independent Films
Paul Davies is a supervising sound editor and sound designer who works on a wide range of feature films and high-end television dramas. Among the directors he has worked for are Lynne Ramsay, Stephen Frears, Yang Demange, Anton Corbijn and Steve McQueen, on films such as You Were Never Really Here (2017), We Need To Talk About Kevin (2012), Hunger (2008), The American (2010), The Queen (2006) and ’71 (2015). Using these examples, Davies will discuss the work of a sound designer for independent films.
For FOCUS participants and PRO Pass holders.

8. 6., 14.00–15.30, Manzioli Palace
Panel: Film Editing and Sound Design – The Invisible Art?
The panel aims to encourage public debate on the key issues concerning the role of editing and sound design in filmmaking: How to treat these two professions in relation to other creative jobs in cinema, how well is their representation promoted in key film festival juries, and why are awards for editing, sound and some other categories given so little attention? Moderated by editor Dragan von Petrovic (Serbia). Panellists: Paul Davies (sound designer, UK), Olga Toni (editor, Slovenia), and Oliver Sertić (producer and festival director, Croatia).
The event is open for all interested individuals.

8. 6., 16.00–18.30, Manzioli Palace
Showcase: 12 Emerging Filmmakers
FOCUS puts a spotlight on film professions with less visibility with the aim of encouraging international co-productions. 12 emerging editors and sound designers from Croatia, Italy and Slovenia, will speak about their vision and work approach for directors, producers and public.
The event is open for all interested individuals.

8. 6., 19.00, Restavracija Svetilnik, Kopališka ulica 14
Evening Ties: Networking Dinner for Film Professionals
For FOCUS participants, PRO Pass holders and invitations.

PRO Pass can be purchased only at the main Festival Box Office at Izola Tourist Information Centre (TIC Izola, Ljubljanska ulica 17, working hours 10.00-19.00) from 6 June 2018 only after it has been approved by the festival PRO staff. We ask potential buyers of PRO Pass to send an application form to pro@isolacinema.org. The price is 28€ (-20% for students, members of the Slovenian Association of Post-production Artists (DPPU), Producers Guild of Slovenia (DSP), and Art Cinema Network of Slovenia (AKMS)).

FOCUS, an international training and networking programme for film professionals, is the only regional event of the kind that puts a spotlight on less visible professions in filmmaking. Organized by Otok in collaboration with/with support of Croatian Audiovisual Centre, FVG Audiovisual Fund (Italy), Slovenian Film Centre, Motovila Institute / CED Slovenia, CED MEDIA Office Italy – Torino, CED MEDIA Office Croatia, Association of Post Production Artists (Slovenia) and The School of Sound (UK).


*photo from the film City of the Sun