An Island of Cinematic Views and Warm Hugs – Towards the 15th Edition!

An Island of Cinematic Views and Warm Hugs – Towards the 15th Edition!

It was precisely six months ago, when the charming Mediterranean town of Izola waved goodbye to the 14th International Film Festival Kino Otok  – Isola Cinema. For twenty June days we intertwined the Izola programme with festival happenings in Ljubljana, Koper, Idrija, Tolmin and Sežana. United in a unique community, we once again successfully realized the idea of a critical and inspiring cinema island. The audience, filmmakers and festival workers jointly enjoyed the thrill, annoyance or awe when watching the films, as well as learn, network, dance, gaze at the stars, or stay up for the sunrise at the seaside. What is your favourite memory of the 14th Kino Otok? Are you already tempted to create new ones?

A new calendar year is just behind the next wave. As we are heading towards it, we share our excitement for the jubilee 15th Kino Otok edition in 2019 with some feedbacks and numbers that  marked the last edition. Celebrate with us!

”This is not a festival, it is a warm hug./…/ Izola and this festival are truly love at first sight for me.” Marco Picaredda, director of CittàGiardino

The Kino Otok programme always strikes me for being so eclectic and relaxed at the same time, a very rare spirit you create there indeed. ” Marius Hrdy, Festival of Austrian Film Diagonale

”I love this festival, because there is no competition programme and is not commercially oriented. We need such festivals.”  Michael Pattison, film critic

”Kino Otok film festival will show from 6 to 10 June why ethno-nationalism, racism and Nazism are built into capitalism.”. Marcel Štefančič, jr., film publicist

Please take a look at the photo gallery of the 14th edition here, or immerse in the atmosphere of festival days in video daily excerpts here. This year’s festival catalogue is available online as well.

177 was the length of the longest film

1 minute long was the shortest film

4 venues under the stars of night sky

1 film about the starts of night sky in films

53 carpets on forest grounds for comfortable evenings of short films

4 nights with ethno, electronic and summer rhythms on the Lighthouse

3 virtual reality experiences

1 football match team vs. guests

57 photos during Instagram #takeover days of guests Martha Colburn, Michael Pattison, Andraž Jerič, Marko Grba Singh and Mike Ott

111 guests

120 members of the team with volunteers

12 emerging film editors and sound designers from Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia

9200 visitors

See you at Otok!