Entering the Kino Otok weekend with Ermanno Olmi and Želimir Žilnik

Entering the Kino Otok weekend with Ermanno Olmi and Želimir Žilnik

The festival weekend in Isola has begun where the international film festival Kino Otok has been filing the cinema theatres and other venues, new corners, galleries, and squares for the past four days. The big screen of Open Air Cinema Manzioli will be lit up by Time Stood Still at 21.00, a rounded feature film debut by the master Ermanno Olmi that has greatly enriched the history of film and multiple editions of Kino Otok with a completely unique film view. The film is screening in collaboration with Slovenian Cinematheque and will have a music introduction by Elvis Šahbas and (io). On the big screen under the stars follows the film Selfie by Agostno Ferrente, introduced in cooperation with Topolove Station. Open Aire Cinema Manzioli is saying goodbye with the film about 16-year.old Pietro and Alessandro from the notorious Neapolitan neighborhood Riona Traiano , but the celebration of Kino Otok’s sweet 15 continues tomorrow at other locations.

The programme of the fourth festival day has started early in the morning with PRO Otok, an Island programme for film professionals where we and “Kratka scena” hosted the Croatian author Igor Bezinović and his scriptwriting workshop for short films. We continued with a case study. Costume designer Monika Lorber and producer Danijel Hočevar presented a coproduction cooperation on a feature film by a Macedonian director Teona Strugar Mitevska on God Exists, her Name is Petrunya. It is a film about a “normal” thirty-two-year-old in an “unnormal” world and it was the first to move the light in Art Cinema Odeon.

The projector in Art Cinema Odeon continues to hum an guide the gaze to another three films by festival guests; The Most Beautiful Country in the World by Želimir Žilnik, You Have the Night by Ivan Salatić and The Harvest by Misho Antadze. All projections are followed by a conversation with the creators. Submarine – Island for Children is also sailing into Isola’s House of Culture. There you can see Los Bando by Christian Lo, a nominee for The Young Audience Award 2019.

Once the night falls the Lighthouse will once again host a selection of short films Video on the Beach this tome called Beyond Saturday Night Fever. The films are followed by a musical night at the Lighthouse where Pantalones & Dormiotti will perform at festival JEFF.

During the festival in the gallery Plac Izolanov you can see the exhibition Early Works – an exhibition of 50 years of creations by Želimir Žilnik. He is one of the key filmmakers of European, Yugoslav and Serbian cinema and is a prolific author and probably the most frequent gurst of Kino Otok – Isola Cinema. Today and tomorrow at 17.00 in the gallery.

See you at Otok!