From the shores of the festival to the continent: 15th Kino Otok moves from Isola to Ljubljana

From the shores of the festival to the continent: 15th Kino Otok moves from Isola to Ljubljana

Tonight in Isola comes the 15th IFF Kino Otok – Isola Cinema to a close. The big film screens will shine through the whole final festival day and as the film lights shine conversations with festival guests will additionally entertain the audience. At noon at the House of Culture the last projection of the year at Submarine – Island for Children took place. We screened Vitello, a Danish family film in cooperation with Kinobalon.

Sunday’s Odeon programme started with She, a film by the Indian master Shaji N. Karun that was also the opening film. He visited the shores of Kino Otok for the third time. Afterwards, we followed the traces of an often-contradictory link that the pig and the human wowed through a millennium of cohabitation in the film History of the Pig (within us) by a Belgian director and festival guest Jan Vromman. The film will continue its path to Ljubljana’s Kinodvor.

Later films from last year’s newly minted section Home Sweet Home. Nika Autor is presenting her film Newsreel 63 – The Train of Shadows, a paranoid phantasm about migrations. The film projection is composed from another film, Migrating Image, alongside which audiences hear a conversation with a Danish creative Stefan Kruse. Afterwards, the film programme will show a short film RE:PRINT 12. by a local, Isola filmmaker Davorin Marc that will serve as an introduction into the loosely based adaptation of a novel by Elfriede Jeinek Children of the Dead. The film is made by Kelly Cooper and Pavol Liška. We will witness images of modern central Europe, its Nazi past and the grinning fangs of xenophobia. After the projection, we will be joined by the film’s producer Claus Phillip.

Once the night falls the Lighthouse will host a selection of short films Video on the Beach by yet to be established filmmakers for the last time this time called Beyond Home. Right for the end of Isola’s island events Radio NOR and Jahklin Selecta (Jamcoast) will wish Kino Otok a happy 15th birthday.

Island films will continue their path to Ljubljana where they will anchor as Otok in Ljubljana with projections in Kinodvor and Slovenian Cinematheque.

See you at Otok in Ljubljana!