Revealing program and guests of the 17th Kino Otok – Isola Cinema International Film Festival

Revealing program and guests of the 17th Kino Otok – Isola Cinema International Film Festival

Film screenings have big significance at the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema festival, but we believe that the film comes to life only when the viewing is followed by reflection and conversation. That is why we strive to include as many guests as possible in the festival events – filmmakers who present their creativity as directly as possible. This year we will encourage a lively dialogue between viewers and filmmakers at the festival, which will take place in Izola between 25 and 29 August 2021. The complete film and accompanying program of the 17th Kino Otok will be published on the festival website for the general public in a few days, and a link to the information material is already available to media representatives below.

In dialogue with filmmakers – guests of the festival in Izola

The film Witches of the Orient (Les Sorcières de l’Orient, 2021), which revives the efforts and achievements of a team of almost miraculous Japanese volleyball players through personal narratives and rich archival material, will be presented by author Julien Faraut. Faraut, a recognizable documentary essayist and researcher of sports archives, who in his works combines film expression with reflection on the history of sport, is already known by viewers from the previous film about the famous tennis player, John McEnroe: Empire of Perfection (2018).

Witches of the Orient (Les Sorcières de l’Orient, 2021)

We will also be visited in Izola by Lois Patiño, who will once again cut off a rich piece of Galician culture cake for the viewers of Kino Otok in the dream film Red Moon (Lúa vermella, 2020). Patiña and Galicia have already been introduced to our audience by the documentary Death Coast (2013), and this year we will be able to talk live about his film, a mystical tale of a world in which legends are part of reality and ghosts are part of community.

A biographical documentary about the shining star of Italian film Alida Valli, Alida (2021), will be presented by director Mimmo Verdesca, who in the first person, through never-before-published letters and diaries and other exclusive archival materials of the great actress, depicts the life of a young girl from Pula, who quickly became one of the most famous and popular actresses of Italian and world film.

Alida (2021)

We can also look forward to two premieres (and teams) of films made in Slovenian production: a new, gently stunning film by Miroslav Mandić, Sanremo (2020), which cinematically outlines feelings of memory loss, through the veil of which bright rays of friendship and love penetrate. The film which travels tirelessly around world festivals will be presented at the Slovenian premiere by the author, the main actor (again the excellent Sandi Pavlin) and the film crew.


Sanremo (2020)

An interesting conversation about humanism and cinephilia can be expected with the Serbian director Ivan Ikić, whose Oasis (2020) boasts an abundant collection of awards and recognitions from world festivals. The story of the love triangle in a youth institution with special needs is an explosive outburst of detail that weaves the tangible substance of life. The director’s method of working with naturalists who play fictional characters unobtrusively elevates the banal nuances of everyday life into the spheres of poetry and truth.

At the festival we will also be joined by the important Catalan director Marc Recha, whose retrospective will take place after the screening in Izola at the Kinodvor and the Slovenian Cinematheque. In Izola, in the company of the author, we will watch the film August Days (Dies d’agost, 2005), which passes between a documentary essay and fiction and which speaks especially first-person, as Marc Recha and his brother David are at the heart of the story. The author will also join us in October at the retrospective screenings in Ljubljana.

We look forward to soon sparking conversations under the Otok screens and express diverse opinions about the film and about the world and the people the film reflects. The full film and accompanying program and festival schedule are available at this link!

The producer of the festival is Otok, Institute for the development of film culture. The co-producers of the festival are the Center for Culture, Sport and Events Izola, the Slovenian Cinematheque and Kinoatelje. The city cinema Kinodvor from Ljubljana and the Italian self-governing national community of Izola are partners of the festival.

The 17th edition of the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema International Film Festival is supported by the following public co-financiers: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the Municipality of Izola, the European Commission’s Creative Europe – MEDIA sub-program, the European Commission and the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.