A Fan Dive Into the Festival With Kino Otok Fanzine

A Fan Dive Into the Festival With Kino Otok Fanzine

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Kino Otok our very own fanzine was created, reaching into the festival past all the way to its first edition in the year 2004. The fan magazine that circulated in printed format among the visitors, is now available online.

The fanzine is available HERE. Its author, Anamarija Krassnig, hand made her island story and below shared with the readers a few thoughts on her creation process.

”I started with the cover and the back page. I wanted to honour all editions of the festival, doing that with the eyes and the little fish that once graced the covers of catalogues from the past year to 2004. The back page was “gazing close and far” to next editions, films, collaborators, filmmakers and guests who create this festival with joint forces.

Then I threw myself into the content of past catalogues and media publications. Like the sea where Kino Otok takes place, this was endless and full of unexpected discoveries. Piles and piles of archive boxes were waiting on the office and like Jacques Cousteau I discovered and identified “fish” (aka ideas for the fanzine). I found Otok Daily that a few years ago was prepared every festival evening and freshly printed in the morning. Kino Otok also had a blog you can still read here. Until the year 2009 they still had a competition programme and I am not just talking about the annual football match between volunteers and guests, but that once visitors voted for a film that was rewarded with a distribution deal for Slovenia.

Video on the Beach was a great opportunity for a pun. Because of the low quality of the photograph on the page, I was forced to explain the joke. In doing so I forgot to add another joke to the page. It’s about a dog enjoying a film. Here it is:

There was a man in the cinema watching a film with his dog. Another man noticed that and was completely amazed because the dog was observing the film screen quietly and focused. The man spent the majority of the film looking at the dog. As the film ended, he went to the owner and told him: “I can’t believe how much he enjoyed the film, he never barked or moved!” The owner replied: “I am amazed too, he didn’t like the book at all.”

To all the dogs at Kino Otok, you are very welcome here.

That leaves two more pages: the third and the penultimate. On the third you can find general festival pictures and my story about last year’s festival guest, Georgian film director Rati Oneli. We talked during welcome drinks and only later did I come up with a perfect reply. Oh, well.

Lastly came the volunteers. With all the best intentions in mind I devoted a page to them. I wished they would participate in the making. Even though they didn’t contribute as much as I had hoped, and I hinted at that on the page, they once again proved invaluable for the whole festival.”