Vision and Mission

Otok, Institute for the Development of Film Culture is a non-profit organization established in 2003 and the main producer of the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema international film festival, which is held annually in Izola, Ljubljana, and elsewhere in Slovenia, since 2004. Otok is also the organizer of numerous film-related events during the year and the leading institution with decentralized film literacy projects in the south-western region of Slovenia. The main objectives of our programmes are to enhance film culture within the general audience, as well as connect and educate film professionals while reflecting on film and society through world cinema in all its diversity.


Otok’s mission is to enhance access of art and culture, particularly independent art cinema from all around the globe, through providing opportunities for live exchange amongst the creators and audiences of all generations. Furthermore, we aim to foster non-formal education and participation of aspiring professionals across the cultural and creative sector. Finally, our mission is an overall improvement in the NGO environment by the agency of public cultural advocacy.


Otok’s vision is to become widely recognized throughout Slovenia and abroad as a trustworthy producer of top-notch artistic, cultural, and educational events aimed for general and professional audiences. We will also successfully develop national and international audiences by envisioning learning opportunities and inspiration in the form of in-depth presentation of exceptional films and other art works. Finally, we will strive to become a relevant opinion maker in the NGO environment, with an undisputable ability to positively influence the development of sustainable public policies.