And so much more 2017



1. 6., 23.30

Bowrain + Mario Babojelić + Maarina Martensson

Composer, pianist and producer Bowrain (Tine Grgurevič) uses black and white keys to sculpt a shy, yet magical and impressive soundscape imbued with the rhythms of ambient and contemporary electronic music. At Otok, he will be joined by guitarist Mario Babojelič and special guest, vocalist Maarina Martensson.


2. 6., 23.30

Music: Valovanja: Kleemar + jesusonectasy

Special Otok edition of “Valovanja”, where fans of electronic music explore innovative creative approaches and instruments:

Kleemar has created his own unique view on the world of music making. He is known for an excellent sense of rhythm, ear-caressing melodies, and an innovative feeling for recycling something that’s been heard before into his very own soundscape.

jesusonecstasy (Mitja Cerkvenik) is a producer of analogue electronic music; he makes electronic instruments and effects, and creates sound for theatre productions and short films.

VJ: Črtomir Just


3. 6., 23.30

Music: Giro

Giro, the first compilation of beatmakers from the Slovenian coast, is a mix of genres, featuring a wide range from garage beatmakers to Gramatik, one of the Slovenian biggest-selling music acts. Released by Beton Records, the compilation comes to Otok with a live performance by Čunfa and Šuljo.

VJ: 5237


4. 6., 23.30

Ambient performance: jesusonectasy

Light installation: str. 22


Curated by Marko Vivoda (IZLAND).




31. 5.–4. 6., Lighthouse

Dreamcatcher, art installation

Rawan Hourani, a student of the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, presents Dreamcatcher, an installation dedicated to child victims of war.


31. 5.–4. 6., festival locations

Socrates = Beyonce, poster installation

Asja Trost and Helene Thuemmel, students of the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, exhibit their posters to raise questions of revolution and relationships.




31. 5.–4. 6., Salsaverde Gallery, Gramscijeva 4

Vladimir Film Festival, photo and video exhibition

International skate photo exhibition and videos from independent underground skate scene. The programme is part of Vladimir Film Festival, an international event held each September in the Croatian fishing village of Fažana.


From 12. 5., Alga Gallery, Kristanov trg 1

Boris Benčič & Dušan Milavec, Celebrating 60th anniversary of the birth of Izola-born artist Boris Benčič

Exhibition focusing on the work of Benčič’s friend and colleague, production designer Dušan Milavec, last year’s recipient of Metod Badjura Lifetime Achievement Award.


From 1. 6., Insula Gallery, Smrekarjeva 20

JONI ZAKONJŠEK, watercolours

The exhibition comprises a series of delicately conceived watercolours that largely shed light on the spiritual world. The fragile, transparent art on rice paper speaks very subtly, carefully to convey the author’s lyrical idea. What appears in front of one’s eyes is dervishes and their dance, yet this is only the beginning…


Drat Gallery, Ljubljanska 20

SANDRA KOCJANČIČ, contemporary jewellery

Permanent selling exhibition by jewellery designer.


May and June, Arka Gallery, Gregorčičeva 12

Painting on stones

Permanent selling exhibition.




5. 6., 20.00, Manzioli Square

Primo e Ultimo Taio!, end-of-year concert

End-of-year concert by Primo Taio!, a guitar group run by Enzo Hrovatin as part of the Italian Community Pasquale Besenghi Degli Ughi Izola. The very diverse set will perform a very diverse repertoire. Organised by Italian Community Pasquale Besenghi Degli Ughi Izola.


Admission is free for all And So Much More events.