And So Much More 2018



6. 6., 23.30


Gregabytes will seduce you with a selection of deluxe summer rhythms in his appearance representing NOR, a newly created independent community radio that aims to reach beyond the conventional (


7. 6., 23.30

DJ Sero/Fešta Balkanika

After 20 years of touring parties in Croatia, Germany, Serbia, the Netherlands, Macedonia, etc., this will be DJ Sero’s debut appearance in Slovenia. Expert gipsy, sevdah, klezmer and all possible danceable world music.


8. 6., 23.30


A self-made electronic artist from the mountains of Koroška. Member of Formaviva, a prominent team in Slovenia’s techno scene thanks to its series of events at the Rog squat. MMali relishes dark techno and ambient sounds reminiscent of Berlin’s underground.


9. 6., 23.30


Before totally recycling himself into awesomeness, Recycleman performed under different aliases as DJ Poha, Sheik Muhammed, Ali En, sharing the stage with artists including Paul Van Dyk and Beastie Boys. When he’s not DJing, he’s meditating or practicing his unique, original style of acrylic painting.


10. 6., 23.30


The second representative of the NOR internet radio, CLZ will wrap up the festival with electronic and dubstep chillout.

Curated by festival life and life in general.




7.–9. 6., 21.30, outdoor locations

4 ​​Elements, pop-up video-installation

Henrike von Dewitz presents 4 Elements, a series of ​​video artworks and installations based on material collected in different countries and landscapes. They present everyday phenomena from unexpected points of view, dealing with nature, humour and the manipulation of the moving images to produce a sensation of being immersed in kaleidoscopic scenes. A selection of pieces devoted to Earth, Fire, Water and Air will be on view each night. The exact locations will be revealed through Kino Otok’s social media channels.


6.–10. 6., Manzioli Palace

Futurama, installation in space

Students of the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, reflecting on and giving their visions of the Earth in the year 3057, with results presented jointly under the title inspired by the concept of diorama.

Tutors: Robertina Šebjanič, Valerie Wolf Gang, Peter Purg, Rene Rusjan.




6.–10. 6., Salsaverde Gallery, Gramscijeva 4

STORIES FROM THE ATTIC, Bringing home films to life with Slovenian Cinematheque

The exhibition celebrates small formats and home films: those made by you back in the 1970s or 1980s using 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm. So check your attics and bring your small-gauge wonders with you! On Saturday and Sunday from 3 pm to 7 pm, you can watch them in the gallery, make repairs, and learn everything you need to know about proper handing and care, and conversion to digital.

Exhibition opening: 5. 6., 19.00.


From 7. 6., Drat Gallery, Ljubljanska 20

OfR jewelry, contemporary jewellery

Designers Olga Košica and Rok Mar are the creative pair behind the Slovenian based jewellery label olgafacesrok OfR. Influenced by contemporary art, architecture and nature, their work is often created by combining materials, techniques and 3D printing. OfR attracted the attention of the industry when their Winter Garden and Lucid Dream collections were picked by Masha Ma to be shown at the Paris Fashion Week. They work has been exhibited worldwide, including the Milk Gallery, Istanbul, and M Contemporary, Sydney.

Exhibition opening: 7. 6., 19.00


From 6. 6., Insula Gallery, Smrekarjeva 20


Exhibition to mark the 5th anniversary of the death of Izola-based artist Martina Žerjal (1956-2013). Part of the exhibition will be on display in the Manzioli Palace (Izola) and the Tartini House (Piran).


26. 5.–16. 6., Plac Izolanov, Ljubljanska 23

Artists from Koprska and Ljubljanska Streets and Beyond, photography exhibition

Exhibition of photography by members of photo groups of the Morje Andragogical Society, University of the Third Age.




6.-10. 6., 18.00–20.00, Lighthouse

Hula-Hooping Workshop

Hooping is an excellent way to stay in shape, more than 30 muscles being involved in rotating the hoop, but most of all a great stress reliever and mood-lifting tool. Run by hula-hooping instructor Anja Hercl.

Admission is free for all And So Much More events.