Submarine – Otok for Kids

Submarine – Otok for Kids is an umbrella term for a diverse film education programme for children, youth and families that like cinema and want to learn about the magical world of the moving images from up close. It offers the most interesting film stories and provides the skills that enable us to bring film language close to the youngest audience.

It is an original film education programme that the Otok Institute conceived in 2012 as a response to the need for a comprehensive offer of such programme activities in Slovenian Istria and the broader area. It is the first integral and extensive film education programme in this region intended for the youngest generation of film audiences aged between four and eighteen. The programme activities are also intended for parents and guardians as an incentive to choose quality content for children. In creating the programme, we also devote attention to film education practitioners and pedagogical workers.


The Submarine includes the following film education activities:

The following projects have already been concluded: