From September 2016 until September 2017, the Otok Institute participated in the realisation of the international project for the development of film education AREM (Action!Research: A New European Methodology for Film Literacy) with partners from Italy, Croatia and Romania. In the autumn of 2016 we launched the preparatory procedures, while the practical aspect of the research took place from January until the end of May 2017. All of the information about the project and particular workshops can now be found on


The main goal of the project was to develop and test an original film literacy methodology for pupils through commonly conceived film workshops in four partner countries, so that teachers and pupils may later use it in practice in different environments across Europe. The participating children between 10 and 14 years of age have thus watched two short films from participating or nearby countries each month, and then learnt about visual language, the films’ topics and the places the respective stories come from through dynamic weekly activities. At the last workshop in May they also watched a feature film with their parents, tackling topical intercultural challenges faced by today’s European society.


All the selected films have stimulated the children to reflect on people’s social situations, identities and different cultures, as the project also aimed to enhance the values of intercultural understanding.


Sixth-grade pupils from two Slovenian primary schools, the Vojka Šmuc school in Izola, Slovenia, and the Anton Ukmar school in Koper, Slovenia, have participated in the workshops.