Film club


At the Film Club in Koper, we watch films with expert mentors – filmmakers throughout the school year and through discussions gain knowledge about film language, while through practical exercises we gain filmmaking experience. A film is a wonderful and wondrous thing: it keeps shaking us, but it can also calm and relax us. It is an art that enriches and relaxes us, raises our spirits and helps us see the hidden corners of the world.


What types of films are there? How are films made? How do we make a film? How do filmmakers think? And what do they think about?


We watch short and feature-length films. Animated, fiction and documentary films. We watch films and talk about them. Among ourselves and with the filmmakers that take us behind the scenes of making the films and also to the backstage of their filmmaking imagination.

We make our own films. Directors and camerapersons help us learn about the variety of film language and the interesting features of technology.


For young people aged between 12 and 14.

For more information on and application to the Film Club, write to or call 040 549 779.


The programme aims at bringing the content and the language of the shown films closer to young viewers and encouraging them to exchange opinions and express themselves creatively. The activities are also directed towards learning about all that happens behind the camera or the film screen and usually remains hidden to the cinemagoers.


In addition to film, we also get to know how important it is to actively and critically view and receive films and other media contents, strengthening the values of understanding and accepting the differences that form the world in which we live. In the Film Club, we discuss and get to know film as comprehensively as possible – as an art, a creative expression, but also as a tool and aid in obtaining knowledge and a better understanding of society and the world. We watch select short and feature-length films and, together with Slovenian filmmakers, delve into the understanding and making of animated, documentary and fiction films. Through practical creation, we learn about the stages of filmmaking and the basic content-related and technical principles.


The Film Club is organised by Otok, Institute for the Development of Film Culture, which is the main producer of the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema film festival, the Submarine – Otok for Kids programme for children and families, the EFA Young Audience Award and other film education programmes for children and youth. The programme is supported by the Municipality of Koper, the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe and the Slovenian Film Centre.