Giro giro film


GIRO GIRO FILM – Days of Films for Children, Families and Youth


11–17 November 2019, KOPER – CAPODISTRIA


We all grow up with films, but we should also grow with them. It is important which films we watch in our growing-up period because it is important what we build our taste, our personality and our attitude to the world with. Film is one of the most accessible and prevalent arts and branches of culture, it offers us an unparalleled insight into unknown worlds.


In seven November days, Giro giro film will take children and young people into the wonderful world of cinema through film screenings, workshops and other film-related events. We will learn about different forms of film, its history and production and about how films rouse the imagination and what food for thought they offer. We will bring together children, young people and adults because we prepared the film programme so that it can entertain and inspire anybody. The recommended age for the screenings refers to the viewer’s minimum age, but they are by all means also interesting for all older children and adults. All film screenings and workshops are free of charge.


During the Giro giro film, we will screen entertaining and quality films at several locations, accompanied by introductions and talks with young viewers. Because we want to learn about filmmaking in more detail, we will also offer workshops with experienced Slovenian and international pedagogues at which children will create their first film images, while primary school teachers will be able to take part in a film education training for pedagogues.


Full programme is available here (in Slovenian and Italian!).