EFA Young Audience Award

The EFA Young Audience Award is an all-European one-day children’s event held in the beginning of May and organized by the European Film Academy, which we have been a part of since 2013 as a national representative.


It is intended for youngsters between ages of 12 and 14 years. More than 30 European countries and 40 European cities already participate in the project. The Slovenian event takes place at the Odeon, Izola’s art cinema, where 95 participants discuss the themes and challenges of the three films selected by the Academy.


At the end of the day, the young participants connect with peers from other European countries, like professional film jurors, through the use of digital technology – a video conference. They vote for the best film, which gets awarded the European Young Audience Award.


The event has proven to be highly successful and popular among the children in Slovenia and it has had a great educational impact as these same children are afterwards the first ones to apply for the workshops in children’s Submarine sub-festival.