Film Sound, Editing, Production and VR at This Year’s PRO Otok

Film Sound, Editing, Production and VR at This Year’s PRO Otok

International Film Festival Kino Otok – Isola Cinema for the second time in a row invites film professionals and wider interested public to events that offer a professional overview of the current topics in the field of audiovisual production. Between 6 and 9 June, PRO Otok in Izola, Slovenia will include lectures, masterclass, roundtables, forum, and VR experience.

Four PRO Otok sub-programmes – FOCUS on Film Editing and Sound Design, Slovenian Film Producers, Art Cinema Network Slovenia and Filmic Qualities of Artificial Worlds: Why Virtual and Augmented Reality? – gather diverse educational contents for all who are interested in the past, present and future of filmmaking. Some of the events are open to all public, for others, PRO accreditation is available, which offers access to all film screenings in Izola, rich additional contents, and meetings with festival guests. The majority of events will take place in Manzioli palace.

FOCUS On Film Editing And Sound Design
From 6 till 9 June, we will be joined by 12 participants of the educational programme, who will be mentored by film editor Dragan von Petrovic and sound designer Julij Zornik, and other internationally renowned film professionals. On Thursday, 7 June, at 14.30, Georgian director Rati Oneli will present the Case Study of the film City of the Sun (2017). Afterwards, at 16.30, British sound designer Paul Davies will speak about his work for independent films at the Masterclass. On Friday, 8 June, at 14.00, the central part of FOCUS, which connects filmmakers from Croatia, Italy and Slovenia, will begin with the roundtable on the question of sound and editing as the ‘invisible art’, with experienced speakers from the region and beyond. The roundtable will be followed by a Showcase: 12 Emerging Film Editors and Sound Designers. The FOCUS participants, who were selected through an international open call, will present their current work, approaches and visions to the audience of producers, directors and other filmmakers. A great opportunity for you to search for the potential members of your future film crew! The evening will conclude with Evening Ties, a networking dinner at the restaurant Svetilnik where producers, directors and other interested guests will have the opportunity to socialize with festival guests.

On Thursday, 7 June, at 10.00, members of the Slovenian Art Cinema Association will present good practice examples in programming, programme collaboration and promotion in the context of arthouse cinemas. In Slovenian.

On Friday, 8 June, at 11.00, festival directors and producers Mira Staleva (Sofia meetings, Bulgaria), Lana Udjur, Boris T. Matić (Zagreb Film Festival, Croatia) and Torsten Neumann (Oldenburg Film Festival, Germany) will use their festivals as examples to discuss the best ways to successfully pitch a project idea, and the pitfalls to avoid on the way.

Saturday, 9 June, from 9.00 to 14.00, will be dedicated to testing of artificial reality, presentations of current international virtual and augmented reality projects in development and in-depth discussion on the challenges of filmmaking and new technologies. VR Experience (9.00-10.45) will offer the chance to view three audiovisual artificial reality works, followed by Showcase of projects and Forum (11.00-13.00). The day will conclude with an informal exchange of opinions in front of Manzioli palace (13.00–14.00).
You can find the detailed information about all PRO Otok events and the schedule HERE.

PRO Pass can be purchased only at the main Festival Box Office at Izola Tourist Information Centre (TIC Izola, Ljubljanska ulica 17, working hours 10.00-19.00, from 6 June) only after it has been approved by the festival PRO staff. We ask potential buyers of PRO Pass to send an application form to until 1 June. The price is 28€ (-20% for students, members of the Slovenian Association of Post-production Artists (DPPU), Producers Guild of Slovenia (DSP), and Art Cinema Network of Slovenia (AKMS)).

See you at Otok!

Foto: Miha Godec, Searching for ’ō’ō , a 360 photography and sound installation (Slovenia, 2017).