Films and Guests 2017



1. 6., 21:00 / 2. 6., 10:00 (Odeon)

Kaisin čudežni gozd/Kuun metsän Kaisa/Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest

Katja Gauriloff, Finland, 2016, 84′

A family chronicle, a chronicle of a friendship, the history of the old continent and ancient legends poetically intertwine in a magical documentary about a Sami people, whose way of life and culture were pushed on the path of imminent extinction. An extraordinary film narrative on the thin line between chronicle and imagination revives the today almost forgotten ideas about the golden era of peace, spontaneous co-existence with nature, childhood curiosity and the joy of living.


2. 6., 21:00 / 3. 6., 09:30 (Odeon)

Velikani/Les Ogres/Ogres

Léa Fehner, France, 2015, 144′

In this fiery, untamed and exciting depiction of the life of a travelling theatre troupe, the theatre world is almost naturalistically staged as a chaotic and free, but also tight universe, often on the edge of explosion (or implosion). Although the title might suggest that this is a horror movie or a fairytale, the monstrous elements of this invigorating film are only enormous egos and strong appetites. A film about families – in the biological and broader sense of the word.


3. 6., 21:00 / 4. 6., 10:00 (Odeon)

Snežna gora/Kang rinpoche/Paths of Soul

Zhang Yang, China, 2015, 115′

In a small Tibetan village, Nyima decides to go on a traditional pilgrimage to a respected and revered temple. With a group of relatives and friends, he embarks, on foot, on a lengthy, 2000-kilometer long journey of devotion and faith, a journey of spiritual growth and quite earthly challenges. An unusual road movie and one of the most inspiring pilgrimages in film history.


4. 6., 21:00

Brez naslova/Untitled

Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi, Austria, Germany, 2017, 107′

“I want to give a view of the world that can only emerge by not pursuing any particular theme, by refraining from passing judgment, proceeding without aim.” After the sudden death of Michael Glawogger in 2014, his longstanding collaborator Monika Willi pieced together the footage he shot over the course of 4 months and 19 days in the Balkans, Italy, North and West Africa. A journey out into the world with open eyes and an open mind – observing, listening, experiencing.





2. 6., 15:00

Dawson: zamrznjeni čas/Dawson City: Frozen Time

Bill Morrison, USA, 2016, 120′
Guest: Bill Morrison

In the last few years of the 19th century, Dawson City, located along the Yukon River, was the epicentre of the gold rush, and, at the turn of the century, the last stop for early film distribution. Numerous films that remained there were buried and forgotten, only to be rediscovered during a construction project fifty years later. Hundreds of silent films (many of which had been considered lost) are the basis of this mosaic narrative about the history of a place and time and a moving ode to the forgotten chapters of film history. An astonishing film time capsule.

In collaboration with Stazione di Topolò.


Silvan’s Bay:
3. 6., 15:00

Devet dni nekega leta/Devjat dnej odnogo goda/Nine Days of One Year

Mihail Romm, Soviet Union, 1962, 35mm, 110′
An unsettling, politically subversive story of a love triangle between two nuclear physicists and their love interest. The author of this Soviet classic produced in the time of the ‘Thaw’, director and screenwriter Mikhail Romm, a professor at the legendary Russian film school VGIK, inspired an entire generation of Soviet filmmakers, including Andrei Tarkovsky, who was considered Romm’s most talented student.


3. 6., 21:00

Izgubljeni v Franciji/Lost in France

Niall McCann, Ireland, UK, 2016, 100′
Guest: Niall McCann

What happens when a bunch of young, broke and stupidly talented musicians from Glasgow travel to a small town in France to perform at a tiny music venue? And what happens when, eighteen years later, they do the exact same thing again? There will be happy songs for happy people, a long way from home — questions asked, answers sought, and plenty of reflection too.


3. 6., 12:15

Kino Ramljak: program kratkih filmov Ivana Ramljaka/Programme of shorts by Ivan Ramljak, 90′

Guest: Ivan Ramljak


Baba Višnjina 38/38 Baba Višnjina Street (Croatia, Serbia, France, 2007, 15′), Trapula (Ivan Ramljak, Marko Škobalj, Croatia, 2013, 25′), In utero (Ivan Ramljak, Marko Škobalj, Croatia, 2011, 14′), Kino Otok/Islands of Forgotten Cinemas (Croatia, 2016, 35′)

Ivan Ramljak’s original poetics infuses poetry into the documentary, the associative into the objective, broader meanings into dry facts. His body of short films includes Island of Forgotten Cinemas, a poetic documentary that uses static yet colourful images and minimalist sound – fragments of personal accounts and noises – to tell a turbulent (love) story of cinemas and their audiences (on islands in the Adriatic and elsewhere).


2. 6., 12:00

Kratki izlet/A Brief Excursion

Igor Bezinović, Croatia, 2017, 75′
Guest: Igor Bezinović

Roko, a schlemiel and a messiah, invites a group of friends and acquaintances from a wild festival party to join him on a trip to the secluded, but surprising Istria. In searing heat, they embark on a symbolic journey towards adulthood, which subtly and humorously traces a portrait of a generation permeated by the feeling of not belonging and the elusiveness of freedom.


1. 6., 15:00

Popisano mesto/Neveshtan bar Shahr/Writing on the City

Keywan Karimi, Iran, 2015, 60′

Walls are critical sites. They rise with cities and form an inseverable bond with the written word as a noticeboard for people’s dreams, frustrations, passions and hopes. The film chronicles thirty years of writing on the walls of Teheran, from the inception of the Islamic revolution to the re-election of Mahmud Ahmadinejad in 2009, when the city walls became the both the main newswire and a barometer of the Iranian society.


2. 6., 18:00

Poslednja plaža/L’ultima spiaggia/The Last Resort

Thanos Anastopoulos, Davide Del Degan, Italy, Greece, France, 2016, 135′
Guests: Thanos Anastopoulos, Davide Del Degan, Nicoletta Romero

A popular city beach in Trieste. Its curiosity: the gaping white wall that still separates men and women. The regulars, mostly pensioners, pass the time by talking about everyday events, telling stories and reminiscing. In step with the everyday beat of the beach, the film revives various values, tradition and transience in a tragically humorous style.


3. 6., 18:00

Prek morja/Oltremare/Overseas

Loredana Bianconi, Belgium, 2017, 83′
Guest: Loredana Bianconi

In the 1930s, driven by poverty or an adventurous spirit, many inhabitants of Borgo Tossignano followed the lead of a multitude of fellow Italians and left for Africa, to settle down in the colonies of the fascist empire. First-hand accounts, letters, photos and archival footage, intimate stories and well-known or less well-known historical facts reveal poignant hidden chapters in the history of individuals, families and a nation.


4. 6., 18:30

Radio sanja/Radio Dreams

Babak Jalali, USA, Iran, 2016, 94′

A big day for Pars Radio, a little radio station broadcasting in Persian from San Francisco: Metallica is going to come to the studio and jam with Kabul Dreams, the first rock band from Afghanistan. But everyday life, full of endearing characters and dry humour, intervenes in this success story. A melancholy reflection on the life of immigrants and a loving ode to all lost souls who believe that poetry and music can change the world


1. 6., 17:00

SPOMINI: program kratkih filmov festivala Diagonale/MEMORIES: Programme of shorts from the festival Diagonale, 52′

Guest: Marius Hrdy


Bil je dan kakor vsak drug spomladi ali poleti/Es war ein Tag wie jeder andere im Frühling oder Sommer/It was a day just like any other in spring or summer (Selma Doborac, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2012, 17′), Hipnodrom/Hypnodrom (Richard Wilhelmer, Austria, 2017, 5′), Venus Delta (Antoinette Zwirchmayr, Austria, 2016, 4′), Šentilj/Spielfeld (Kristina Schranz, Germany, 2017, 26′)

We follow a trail of memories of everyday life that are exposed to an extreme situation. As each moment passes we acknowledge that there is no direct way to translate memory or perception onto the screen, and that it sometimes requires a visual balancing act between wakefulness and a dream state to depict certain events. Eventually we explore the limits of documentary, and physical boundaries, where everyday life and Realpolitik collide.

In collaboration with Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film.


4. 6., 12:30

Svetloba kliče: program kratkih filmov Billa Morrisona/Light Is Calling: Programme of shorts by Bill Morrison, 91′

Guest: Bill Morrison


Svetloba kliče/Light Is Calling (USA, 2004, 8′), Samo starodavne zanke/Just Ancient Loops (USA, 2012, 25’), Onkraj točke nič/Beyond Zero: 1914–1918 (USA, 2014, 40’), Sanje ladjedelniškega delavca/The Dockworker’s Dream (USA, 2016, 18’)

Bill Morrison is considered one of the most exciting contemporary American filmmakers, whose works continue the rich tradition of American avant-garde cinema. Quite unique films, spiced up with formal consistency and an emotional charge – a melancholy, passionate treatment of the meaning of forgotten lives, transient moments and extinct ways of being – ensure a rich sensuous experience. Morrison’s films and multimedia works have been shown at numerous important festivals, museums, galleries and concert halls around the world. Eight of his works have been included in MoMA’s permanent collection.

In collaboration with Stazione di Topolò.


4. 6., 15:30

Ti pretresljivi tresoči časi/Those Shocking Shaking Days

Selma Doborac, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016, 88′
Guest: Selma Doborac

A radical and uncompromising film essay about the (im)possibility of representing the horrors of war. The filmmaker Selma Doborac takes as its starting point the war in Bosnia (1992–1995) and in a truly shocking way (but not in a way we would expect) confronts us both with our position of an observer and a consumer of images at the same time. A film about war, the perception of war and artistic expression as a weapon against indifference.


1. 6., 19:00

Trst, Jugoslavija/Trieste, Yugoslavia

Alessio Bozzer, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2017, 62′

In mid-1950s, the Piazza Ponterosso in central Trieste became a favourite shopping destination for the citizens of Yugoslavia. During the 70s and 80s the myth was symbolized by blue jeans. Millions of Slavs came across the border at least once or twice a year until the war in the Balkans brought this era of Trieste’s prosperity to an end. The stories and testimonies from both sides of the border recall the economics and politics of those flourishing years.

Supported by La Comunità degli Italiani “Santorio Santorio” di Capodistria.


1. 6., 13:00

Vsa severna mesta/Svi severni gradovi/All the Cities of the North

Dane Komljen, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016, 97′

A white space and, in it, a blue tent, in which two men share a relationship that cannot be described with words. A new person enters their isolated space, bringing stories about other times, the cities of the North and the South. New relations, spaces and circumstances arise. The filmmaker generously invites us to join him in researching intimate and social spaces, utopias that are near and far, relations, feelings, shapes and bodies…


2. 6., 21:00

Ženska, ki je odšla/Ang Babaeng Humayo/The Woman Who Left

Lav Diaz, Philippines, 2016, 226′

Horacia is unexpectedly released from prison after serving thirty years for a crime she didn’t commit. Back in an alien reality, she starts plotting her revenge, having realised it had been her former lover who framed her for the crime. In a masterful way, in details such as the slightest gestures of protagonists, Diaz manages to capture the rooted privileges of classes, the complicity and arrogance that helped shape the gaping disparities of the contemporary Philippine society. Winner of the 2016 Golden Lion.

Distribution in Slovenia: FIVIA – Vojnik.





1. 6., 21:00

Video na plaži I: Onkraj spomina, program kratkih filmov in pogovori z avtorji/Video on the Beach I: Beyond Memory, programme of shorts with Q&As

BREZ ŽICE (Julia Minet, Slovenia, 2016, 4′), GENESIS MITOSIS (Rajat Sharma, Hungary, Slovenia, 2016, 3′), HOMEMADE DRAMA (Olga Muradyan, Axelle Priou, Charlene Biju, Slovenia, 2016, 3′), Razdalje/Mesafeler/DISTANCES (Çačatay Dirilgen, Turkey, 2017, 13′), Pred zastavami/Ispred zastava/BEFORE THE FLAGS (Sanja Bistričić, Croatia, 2016, 12′), Domov k spominu/BACK TO ME(MORIES) (Neli Maraž, Slovenia, 2016, 17′), Nisi pozabil/YOU DIDN’T FORGET (Simon Intihar, Slovenia, 2016, 14′), Mati/Äiti/MOTHER (Jenni Kivistö, Finland, 2016, 6′), Povratno potovanje: Marija/ROUNDTRIP: MARY (Žarko Ivanov, Macedonia, 2015, 10′), MARY JESUS GALAXY (Asja Trost, Sandra Jovanovska, Mery Gobec, Inês Sambas, Slovenia, 2017, 3′), Na morje/TO THE SEASIDE (Neža Grum, Slovenia, 2015, 5′), Picerija/La pizzeria/THE PIZZERIA (Massimiliano Milic, Italy, 2016, 24′), V senci kletk je najhladneje/IT IS COLDEST IN THE SHADE OF CAGES (Noemi Zonta, Slovenia, 2016, 11′), Sadje/Voče/FRUIT (Ivan Mirko Senjanović, Croatia, 2016, 5′)


2. 6., 21:00

Video na plaži II: Onkraj meja, program kratkih filmov in pogovori z avtorji/Video on the Beach II: Beyond Borders, programme of shorts with Q&As

Kdo je ta človek?/HOPE AND DESPAIR (Toni Poljanec, Tina Glavič Novak, Slovenia, 2016, 29′), Od tam/DI LÀ (Giulio Tonincelli, Italy, 2015, 8′), Zamejen/BORDERED (Leo Černic, 2017, Slovenia, 20′)
Das ist sehr schön!: program kratkih filmov po izboru Festivala avstrijskega filma Diagonale/Programme of shorts curated by Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film
To je zelo dobro/DAS IST SEHR GUT
 (Jakub Vrba, Austria, The Czech Republic, 2009, 5′), Čuvaj v muzeju/MUSEUMSWÄRTER (Alexander Gratzer, Austria, 2016, 3′), Jesen/HERBST (Meinhard Rauchensteiner, Austria, 2015, 3′), Continue (Chapter 20–24) (Jessyca R. Hauser, Austria, 2015, 12′), Vivien.Liebe. (Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber, Austria, 2016, 14′), The French Road, Detroit MI (Arthur Summereder, Austria, 2015, 6′), Sara The Dancer (Tim Ellrich, Austria, Germany, 2017, 12′), Gudrun von Laxenburg – Moving Water (feat. Eloui) (Sebastian Mayr, Austria, 2016, 8′)

In collaboration with Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film.


3. 6., 21:00

Video na plaži III: Onkraj popkulture, program kratkih filmov in pogovori z avtorji/Video on the Beach III: Beyond Popular Culture, programme of shorts with Q&As

Žalost ne bo trajala večno/The Sadness Will Not Last Forever (Alexei Dmitriev, Russia, The Netherlands, 2016, 8′), Vnebohod/Ascensão/ASCENSION (Pedro Peralta, Portugal, 2016, 18′), BITCHBOY (Måns Berthas, Sweden, 2016, 15′), Dober tek, življenje!/BON APPÉTIT, LA VIE! (Urška Djukić, Slovenia, 2016, 15′), Nebo/THE SKY (Juš Premrov, Slovenia, 2017, 9′), Lakota/Glad/HUNGER (Tamara Todorović, Serbia, 2017, 15′), SHOW (Sonja Lazić , Croatia, 2016, 13′), Moj avto!/MY CAR! (Aljaž Tepina, Slovenia, 2016, 3′), Avtomobili sanjajo/CARS DREAM TOO (Ivana Novak, Slovenia, 2017, 4′), THE BODIES THE WATER (Alfred Grubbauer, Austria, 2017, 5′), PIMPIN PIAF (Matic Zavodnik, Dario Nožić Serini, Luka Lah, Slovenia, 2016, 15′), HUDA SI (Tosja Flaker Berce, Slovenia, 2016, 8′), Kakofonija/CACOPHONY (Steffen Heil, Germany, 2016, 3′)


4. 6., 21:00

Video na plaži IV: Onkraj pokrajin, program kratkih filmov in pogovori z avtorji/Video on the Beach IV: Beyond Landscapes, programme of shorts with Q&As

PEACE. PLEASE. (Tina Lagler, Blaž Miklič, Slovenia, 2017, 6′), TOPOLÒ (Sander Moyson, Italy, 2016, 7′), Po gladini/SKIPPING STONES (Blaž Slana, Slovenia, 2017, 15′), CATICAN (Asja Trost, Mery Gobec, Inês Sambas, Slovenia, 2017, 2′), Štiri razglednice za Marto/Cuatro postales a Marta/FOUR POSTCARDS TO MARTA (Hernán Talavera, Spain, 10′), Tiha drhal/Pangreh/THE SILENT MOB (Harvan Agustriansyah, Indonesia, 2016, 17′), Čas za večerjo/DINNER TIME (Filip Bihar, Slovenia, 2016, 1′), Žaba/FROG (Samo Bihar, Slovenia, 2016, 1′), Stolp iz ebenovine/La Tour d’Ivoire/THE IVORY TOWER (Maïlis Fourie, Belgium, 13), 2045 (Maja Prelog, Blaž Murn, Slovenia, 2016, 9′), SRDOHRD (Ester Ivakič, Slovenia, 2016, 23′), POSTCARDS TO MELANIA (Luksuz produkcija, Slovenia, 2016, 6′), Jogi in škatla/JOGI AND A BOX (Aron Horvath, Slovenia, 2016, 18′), Dej povej/TELL ME (Domen Lo, Slovenia, 2016, 4′)