Films and Guests 2018



Čuvarke/Les Gardiennes/The Guardians
Xavier Beauvois, France, Switzerland, 2017, 138’

6. 6., 21:00

The French countryside between 1914 and 1918: the world is crumbling under the destructive weight of World War I, but nevertheless a few pillars still silently and imposingly stand – women preserving the community, culture and economy in a world in which men got lost or they lost their minds. A war film in which the battles are waged far away from home (and the camera), but deeply and loudly resound in the lives of those who stayed behind.


Djon África
João Miller Guerra, Filipa Reis, Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, 2018, 96’

7. 6., 21:00
8. 6., 11:00 (Odeon)

A Cape Verdean in Portugal, Miguel, also known as Djon África, travels back home to look for his father. His search quickly gets derailed as he comes across beautiful women, colorful parties, the local liquor and a variety of interesting characters. This woozy road movie is as youthful, charming, and adventurous as its title character.


Mestni vrtovi/Città Giardino
Marco Piccarreda, Italy, 2018, 53’
8. 6., 21:00
9. 6., 10:00 (Odeon)

The Città Giardino Help Centre for Immigrants is a dilapidated building squeezed between the mountains and the factories in the Sicilian hinterland. The Centre is closing, and the only guests are six African kids. The days pass in the same way, through sleep, meals and endless immersion in their smartphones. Heat, frustration and boredom paralyse the boys – how would the minds of teenagers who survived war, poverty and escape, react when stuck for months in a remote corner of a foreign island?

+ live music intro Elvis Šahbaz: Parenzana Blues (30′)


Kalifornijski sen/California Dreams
Mike Ott, USA, 2017, 85′

8. 6., 23:15
8. 6., 13:30 (Odeon)

One of the finest independent filmmakers of his generation, Mike Ott has been exploring and filming the less-trodden terrains and peculiar energies of Los Angeles County for more than a decade. In this experiment he returns to the county and its individual inhabitants with typical wit and verve, but this time carving out his own corner in that ever-diminishing space between documentary and fiction filmmaking.


Bikini Moon

Milčo Mančevski, USA, 2017, 102’
9. 6., 21:00

10. 6., 10:00 (Odeon)

7. 6., 19:00 (Kinodvor)

Documentary filmmaker and his girlfriend take a charismatic but troubled woman into their home, turning their lives upside down. A powerful stampede of images and (multiple) narrative twists and turns explore the relationship between fiction and reality, between modern surveillance and the need for intimacy. The viewer embarks on an active journey from cinema-verite to realistic drama, all the way to fantasy and back to the real world, where real people are engaging in fantasy.


Divji fantje/Les Garçons sauvages/The Wild Boys

Bertrand Mandico, France, 2017, 110’

9. 6., 23:15
14. 6., 21:00 (Slovenska kinoteka)

A fantastic, romantic, dreamy, surreal, erotic adventure film about the re-education of wild boys, who with their educator, a weird and violent captain, sail to a miraculous island covered in lush supernatural vegetation. Jules Verne meets William Burroughs meets Joseph Conrad and Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Kenneth Anger, Joseph Von Sternberg, Wakamatsu Koji…


Mesto sonca/Mzis Qalaqi/City of the Sun

Rati Oneli,Georgia, USA, Qatar, Netherlands, 2017, 104’

10. 6., 21:00

7. 6., 11:00 (Odeon)

The lives, dreams and destinies of extraordinary characters unfold amidst the ruins of a semi- abandoned mining town. A city like many others that carry seeds of both suffering and hope in their DNA, examples of human ingenuity and carelessness. Urban deserts erected to serve human needs and aspirations and subsequently destroyed by the very humans they were originally designed to serve.

+ screening with: Ladje še zmeraj ne pristajajo/Brodovi i dalje ne pristaju/Ships Still Don’t Come Ashore (Ivan Ramljak, Croatia, 2017, 3′)




Johann Lurf, Austria, 2017, 99’

10. 6., 12:00

15. 6., 21:00 (Slovenska kinoteka)

The film chronologically strings the shots of stars from films – not film stars, but stars in the night sky filmed from the beginning of cinema to this day. These stellar moments taken out of their context together with the synchronous sound – ambient noises, magnificent orchestral scores, pedantic explanations and dreamy ruminations – are magical fields of darkness strewn with infinite questions and possibilities.


Jupitrova luna/Jupiter holdja/Jupiter’s Moon

Kornél Mundruczó, Hungary, Germany, 2017, 123’

7. 6., 21:00

20. 6., 18:30 (Kinodvor)

Young Syrian refugee Aryan does not find a cradle of life in Europe, to the contrary, he’s gunned down in the opening minutes. Combining several genres and, at first glance, somewhat lightly playing with themes of religion and immigration, this mysterious and dizzying action confidently darts through the streets of Budapest and through the corrupt, mistrustful European society.


Karenina in jaz, v sodelovanju s filmskim festivalom v Trstu/Karenina & I, in collaboration with Trieste Film Festival

Tommaso Mottola, Norway, 2017, 85’

7. 6., 16:30

A Norwegian actress is challenged by the almost impossible task: she will play Anna Karenina on stage in the author’s home country, in Russian, a language she never spoke. The documentary records the long journey to Vladivostok via the Trans-Siberian Railway on which the actress is learning the language and discovering Tolstoy and his beloved heroine Anna, but also – herself.

In collaboration with Trieste Film Festival.


Kongo na sodišču/Das Kongo Tribunal/The Congo Tribunal

Milo Rau, Germany, Switzerland, 2017, 100’

9. 6., 12:00

11. 6., 19:00 (Kinodvor)

The war in Congo has caused more than six million deaths over the last twenty years. The population is suffering, but the offenders stay with impunity. Many people see this conflict as one of globalisation’s crucial economic distribution battles because the country has major deposits of high-tech raw materials. The director gathers victims, perpetrators, observers and analysts for a unique civil tribunal and creates a detailed and unvarnished portrait of the largest and bloodiest economic war in human history.

In collaboration with Bunker, Ljubljana.


KRONSKI DRAGULJI ZAHODA: dediščina kolonializma/CROWN JEWELS OF THE WEST: The Legacy of Colonialism, 98’
Visoka mesta iz kosti/Altas Cidades de Ossadas/High Cities of Bone (João Salaviza, Portugal, 2017, 19’), Vse moje telefonske številke so utonile v …/All My Phone Numbers Drowned In… (Michel Klöfkorn, Germany, Nigeria, 2017, 11’), Sončni kamen/Sunstone (Filipa César, Louis Henderson, Portugal, France, 2018, 35’), Arheopsihični časovni pasovi/Archeopsychic Time Zones (Georg Koszulinski, USA, 2018, 5’), Afriška filmska šola/African Film School (Roger Horn, RSA, 2017, 5’) Zvezde Gaomeiga/Stars of Gaomeigu (Marko Grba Singh, Serbia, China, 2017, 23’)

6. 6., 17:00

A huge chunk of the West’s riches and stability is based on centuries of exploitation of other continents, their people, achievements and natural resources. The depletion of this plentiful reservoir has still not reached its end point. Not only economic and political, the consequences of this savage plunder are still very much alive, permeating the society, culture, ethics and morals of modern man. This year, the Isola Cinema festival aims to address this cultural, political and economic legacy of the West with the program of shorts as well as several other films on the programme.



Gürcan Keltek, Turkey, Netherlands, 2017, 84’

9. 6., 21:00

No attention in the media, no official reports. When the Turkish army embarked on a major operation to defeat the Kurdish PKK in 2015, the only cameras to film the continuing violence belonged to local people. The filmmaker made sure that these anonymous live-streams are not forgotten, creating a poem about suffering and endurance.

Europe 2.0 Double Bill: See Meteors and The Waldheim Waltz for the price of one



Misel na ekstazo/A Thought of Ecstasy

Rolf Peter Kahl, Germany, USA, Switzerland, 2017, 90′

8. 6., 23:00

Love is immortal. Seduction is inevitable. Revenge is irresistible. A man in search of a lost love. A woman lost in desire for revenge. A country paralyzed by heat and lost in suspicion and paranoia. And a twenty-year-old diary that evokes memories and the yearning for self-destruction…


Nori dnevi/Dani ludila/Days of Madness

Damian Nenadić, Croatia, Slovenia, 2018, 75’

7. 6., 19:00

Mladen and Maja enter maturity, shackled by demons from the past and with handfuls of pills that their psychiatrists keep offering them instead of therapeutic conversation. In a direct and spirited way and through the protagonists’ point of view, the film takes us to the usually hidden and, for most, an uncomfortable or even offensive world of people who are psychologically “different”, easily discarded by society and branded as patients.


OCEAN CANTOS: program kratkih filmov Andreja Zdraviča/Programme of shorts by Andrej Zdravič, Slovenia, 2017, 83′
Popotovanje peska/Sand’s Journey (11’30), Valovanja/Ripples (7’10), Čipke valov/Waves Lace (7’30), Morske grive I/Sea Manes I (6’20), Pradavna obala/Ancient Shore (7’45), Svetlikanje/Glimmering (6’30), Morske grive II/Sea Manes II (9’10), Morske grive III/Sea Manes III (6’20), Organicizem/Organicism (8’10), Horizonti/Horizons (12’30)
10. 6., 16:00

Although the footage can be seen as a document on the state of the sea on different locations, my films are not what is termed ‘documentary films’ since they contain no narration or human presence: they are experiential films in which the protagonist is nature itself. My challenge is to extract its abstract stories and convey them in a condensed way so that they are concretised in people’s souls and hearts. My films can arouse an intimate experience of the ocean’s energies and spiritual dimensions. Meanings emerge in the essence of matter itself.” Andrej Zdravič


Odjebi 2 – Finske slike/Perkele 2 – Kuvia Suomesta/Fuck Off 2 – Images from Finland

Jörn Donner, Finland, 2017, 93’

9. 6., 16:30

To honour the centenary of Finland’s independence, Donner revisits his polemical classic, connecting both films through music and the fundamental question: In today’s Finland, is it worth living, dying or fucking? The filmmaker’s humanism still outweighs his bitter sarcasm, as he makes a plea for empathy with the losers of history, the ones who have not become extremely wealthy and powerful.


Fernando Birri, Italy, 1979, 177’

8. 6., 19:30

The cult film by Fernando Birri, a poet, painter, teacher and the key figure in Latin American cinema, who died in 2017, was ten years in the making and almost forty in clandestine obscurity – to this day, when we can watch it digitally restored. A visual cataclysm, a hallucinatory deluge of colours, sounds and syncopated reveries where Birri dares the impossible and ends up with the improbable.

In collaboration with International Film Festival Innsbruck.


Playing Men
Matjaž Ivanišin, Slovenia, Croatia, 2017, 61’

10. 6., 14:15

7. 6., 20:00 (Tolmin)

8. 6., 19:00 (Idrija)

A playful documentary slide of images, sounds, editing and dramaturgical stunts, but especially expressions, gestures, thoughts, shouts, actions and atmosphere is a gentle and powerful expression and description of men being enraptured by playing in the broadest sense of the word. Men have been playing games since the dawn of time and the film makes the camera, the filmmaker and, last but not least, the viewer also join in.


Silvan’s Bay:

Potovanje v Tokio/Tokyo monogatari/Tokyo Story

Yasujiro Ozu, Japan, 1953, 136’

10. 6., 18:15

An elderly couple, Shukichi and Tomi, travel to Tokyo to visit their children. When they find their son is too busy, they move on to see their daughter, who is even less welcoming. Ultimately, they visit their widowed daughter-in-law, who, even if not directly related to the family, treats them with kindness and warmth. Hailed as a masterpiece, the film brought Ozu worldwide recognition and came to be known as a prime example of his original filmmaking and one of the key works in the history of cinema. A profoundly stirring evocation of elemental humanity and universal heartbreak.


Skelehellavision: program kratkih filmov Marthe Colburn (Amsterdam, Nizozemska)/Programme of shorts by Martha Colburn (Amsterdam, Netherlands), USA, 60’
Moja skrivna sramota/My Secret Shame (1996, 2’35), V našem bazenu je izprijenec/There’s a Pervert in Our Pool (1998, 2’30), Kaj je na sporedu?/What’s On? (1997, 1’50), Zlo Drakule/Evil of Dracula (1997, 2’20), Mačja ljubezen/Cats Amore (2000, 2’20), Skelehellavision, (2002, 7’45), Mitski laboratoriji/Myth Labs (2008, 8’), Lepotna kriza/Cosmetic Emergency (2005, 8’02), Triumf divjine/Triumph of the Wild (2009, 10’) Nizozemski dan/Day of the Dutch (2014, 4’55), Zahodna divjina/Western Wild…or how I found Wanderlust and met Old Shatterhand (2018, 9‘)

9. 6., 14:30

An exuberant potpourri with a radical stance: From found footage and collage animation to wild overpainting and re-interpretation of what has already been seen, with swerves into essayism. No image remains unturned, and the visuals virtually jump off the screen. One of the most radical, original, and subversive voices of contemporary experimental animation.

In collaboration with VIS Vienna Shorts.


Tovarna nič/A fábrica de nada/The Nothing Factory

Pedro Pinho, Portugal, 2017, 177’

8. 6., 15:45

5. 6., 19:00 (Kinodvor)

7. 6., 19:00 (Sežana)

One night, a group of workers realise that their administration has organized the stealing of machines from their factory. They soon understand that this is the first signal of a massive layoff. Their first reaction is rebellion, but a conflict also emerges in the confrontation between personal needs and group solidarity. An essay film, a realist drama and a musical, this film paints a multilayered portrait of Portugal ravaged by neoliberal austerity.


Veliki pretres/La botta grossa/The Big Shake, Stories From Inside the Earthquake
Sandro Baldoni, Italy, 2017, 82’

7. 6., 14:00

3. 6., 21:00 (Koper)

In October 2016, an earthquake hits Central Italy. It is the strongest earthquake registered in Italy in the last 40 years. Baldoni goes into the ruins – to the people and the very heart of the experience of the earthquake to very graphically show the deep fears, the anxiety, the rage and the hope of the people who instead of relying on the assistance of government institutions, prefer to come together and start organising their shaken everyday anew.

V sodelovanju s Postajo Topolove./In collaboration with Stazione di Topolò.


Waldheimov valček/Waldheims Walzer/The Waldheim Waltz
Ruth Beckermann, Austria, 2018, 93’

9. 6., 19:00

1. 6., 19:00 (Kinodvor)

A lot of time has passed since the scandal surrounding the Nazi past of former UN Secretary General and later president of Austria Kurt Waldheim. The archive footage of press conferences, interviews and statements of the various stakeholders, joined by the video footage that the filmmaker shot herself and her subjective, analytical commentary, show a world of denying facts, rabble-rousing and media-bashing, a world that is still very much here and now.

Europe 2.0 Double Bill: See Meteors and The Waldheim Waltz for the price of one.




6. 6., 21:00

Video na plaži I: Onkraj družbe, program kratkih filmov in pogovori z avtorji

/Video on the Beach I: Beyond Society, programme of shorts with Q&As

DokumenTrate ali Lepi trenutki v težkih časih/DocumenTRATE or Moments of Beauty in Hard Times (Renato Švara, Gašper Markun, Slovenia, 2018, 24′), 112 (David Lah, Slovenia, 2018, 9′), Le dihajoče bitje/Only Breathing (Ahmad Adelian, Agata Kochaniewicz, Nawal Chagar, Slovenia, 2017, 3′), Monica (Dimitris Argyriou, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, 2016, 5′), Dolga pot do prvih korakov/A Long Journey for the First Steps (Ratko Stojiljković, Julia Minet, Jasmina Mustafić, Slovenia, 2017, 15′), Beauty has no size (Vesna Klančar, Amelisa Eminić, Julia Minet, Slovenia, 2017, 12′), Emil (Žiga Krajnc, Slovenia, 2017, 7′), Nyo vweta nafta (Ico Costa, Portugal, 2017, 22′), Garaža/Garage (Fabris Šulin, Slovenia, 2017, 3′), Ignoranza umana (Rajat Sharma, Slovenia, 2017, 15′), Živeti v megabitu/Live in a megabit (Anne Tassel, Slovenia, 2017, 12′)


7. 6., 21:00

Video na plaži II: Onkraj strahu, program kratkih filmov in pogovori z avtorji

/Video on the Beach II: Beyond Fear, programme of shorts with Q&As

Sirene/Mermaids (Daria Tommasi, Italy, 2017, 2′), Medtem/Meanwhile (Miha Likar, Slovenia, 2018, 21′), Svojilni zaimki/Possessive Pronouns (Vida Habjanič, Slovenia, 2017, 8′), A very short film (Asja Trost, Slovenia, 2018, 1′), Reka ločuje – delo povezuje/River divides Work connects (Tomaž Pavkovič, Slovenia, 2018, 7′), Če bi me vprašali/If you ask me the question (Siham Bouzerda, Belgium, 2017, 21′), Kot gora/Like the mountain (Andrea Udrea, Slovenia, 2017, 16′), Tunel/Tunnel (Gregor Andolšek, Slovenia, 2018, 15′),

Nenad (Yulia Molina, Slovenia, 2017, 5′), Nežna noč/Xiao cheng er yue/A gentle night (Qiu Yang, China, France, 2017, 15′), Shuma (Lucija Mrzljak, Estonia, 2016, 6′), Med posnetki/In between takes (Alexei Dimitriev, Russia, 2017, 7′)


8. 6., 21:00

Video na plaži III: Onkraj strasti, program kratkih filmov in pogovori z avtorji

/Video on the Beach III: Beyond Passion, programme of shorts with Q&As

36,6°C (Uroš Marolt, Slovenia, 2018, 2′), Na zemlji ni nebes/No Heaven On Earth (Maja Alibegović, Slovenia, 2017, 11′), Seme radosti/Spreading the seed (Ana Cerar, Slovenia, 2017, 12′), Trahere (Juš Jeraj, Atila Urbančič, Slovenia, 2017, 10′), Marija/Mary (Jurij Primorac, Croatia, 2016, 28′), Prvi dan in naslednja minuta/1st Day & Next Minute (Sara Koppel, Denmark, 2017, 3′), Čuvaj se hostice in volka brez gumice/Čuvaj se šumice i vuka bez gumice/No glove, No love! (Marko Bičanić, Karlo Vorih, Croatia, 2017, 19′), Botanika/Botanica (Noël Loozen, Netherlands, 2017, 12′), Starost/Dernier âge/Old Age (Berhan Mete Arkın, France, 4′), Majdine poze/Majdiny pózy/Majda’s Poses (Dora Šuštić, Czech Republic, 2017, 26′), Warrego Valles – Botox (Stella Ivšek, Slovenia, 2017, 4′)


9. 6., 21:00

Video na plaži IV: Onkraj žanra, program kratkih filmov in pogovori z avtorji

/Video on the Beach IV: Beyond Genre, programme of shorts with Q&As

Pred očmi/Before the Eyes (Martina Testen, Simon Šerc, 2017, Slovenia, 3′), Muha/The Fly (Aron Horvath, Slovenia, 2017, 10′), Ena od njih/Una di loro/One of Them (Sandra Jovanovska, Helene Thuemmel, Slovenia, 2017, 7′), Robbery Cassette (Peter Zemljič, Slovenia, 2017, 8′), Bližnje srečanje/Encounter (Filip Bihar, Samo Bihar, Antonella D’Amico, Miha Oven, Anja Zadnik, Slovenia, 2017, 3′), Apoptoza/Apoptosis (Tomaž Gorkič, Slovenia, 2017, 18′), Švedska klasika/En Svensk Klassiker/A Swedish Classic (Måns Berthas, Sweden, 2017, 7′), Anja Ganja (Peter Bizjak, Slovenia, 2017, 20′), Metum (več avtorjev [ZVVIKS], Slovenia, 2017, 2′), Aplavz za Lazića/Aplauz za Lazića/An applause for Lazić (Marko Marković, Serbia, 2017, 24′), The Pitch (Maj Jukič, GB, 2018, 12′), Nevidna roka Adama Smitha/The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith (Slobodan Maksimović, Slovenia, 2017, 16′)




SRCE NI LE KOS MESA: program kratkih filmov Jana Cvitkoviča/HEART IS MORE THAN A PIECE OF MEAT: Programme of shorts by Jan Cvitkovič, Slovenia, 46’

Bil sem otrok/I Was A Child (2013, 1’30), Vem/I Know (2007, 6’), Sto psov/Hundred Dogs (2012, 23’), Ljubezen na strehi sveta/Love On the Top Of the World (2015, 16’)

9. 6., 20:00

Throughout his career, Jan Cvitkovič, an important Slovenian filmmaker and one of Isola Cinema’s initiators and founders, has been making not only feature films, but also shorts, which tellingly testify to the diversity and the eruptive nature of his filmmaking.





1. 6., 19:00

Waldheimov valček/The Waldheim Waltz, 93′

5. 6.., 19:00

Tovarna nič/The Nothing Factory, 177′

In the presence of the director.

7. 6., 19:00

Bikini Moon, 102′

11. 6., 19:00

Kongo na sodišču/The Congo Tribunal, 100′

16. 6., 17:00, Kinobalon

Superjunakinja Modo/Supa Modo, 74′

17. 6., 15:00, Kinobalon

Revolucija lesenih konjičkov/Hobbyhorse Revolution, 90′

20. 6., 18:30

Jupitrova luna/Jupiter’s Moon, 123′


Slovenska kinoteka

2. 6., 20:00

Odjebi! Finske slike/Perkele! Kuvia Suomesta/Fuck Off! Images from Finland

Jörn Donner, Finland, 1971, 104’

An entertaining and insightful film essay about society at a time when the Finnish peasant population was leaving the countryside in search of a better life in the cities. Donner asks his fellow citizens about their lives, dreams, ideas of progress, love, sexuality and their country. The images are accompanied by protest songs, while the film’s (anti)aesthetics echoes the rebellion and the radical political movement of the time.

14. 6., 21:00

Divji fantje/The Wild Boys, 110′

15. 6., 21:00

★, 99′




Center mladih Koper

29. 5., 20:00

Jagodni izbor Videa na plaži/Best of Video on the Beach

Martinčev trg, Koper (in case of rain: dvorana sv. Frančiška Asiškega)

3. 6., 21:00

Veliki pretres/The Big Shake, Stories From Inside the Earthquake, 82′

In the presence of the director.




Kosovelov dom Sežana

7. 6., 19:00

Tovarna nič/The Nothing Factory, 177′

Kinogledališče Tolmin

7. 6., 20:00

Playing Men, 61’

Filmsko gledališče Idrija

8. 6., 19:00

Playing Men, 61’