On the Island: Kino Otok’s Summer Travels Through Music and Selfies

On the Island: Kino Otok’s Summer Travels Through Music and Selfies

Two films that left a powerful impact on this year’s audience of the international film festival Kino Otok – Isola Cinema are continuing their journey between Slovenia and Italy. Between 12 and 21 July we visit the unique festival Stazione di Topolo in Italian Veneto region with the films Remains – Confessions to the Ghosts and Selfie, and on the 30 July the Selfie will be screened at the Open-Air Cinema Silvan Furlan in Nova Gorica.

The small village Topolo bordering on Italy and Slovenia has been hosting an exciting festival for over two decades, a festival that intertwines the visual, textual and sound art. This year’s 26th edition is taking place between 12 and 21 July and as it is tradition, screens a selection from this year’s 15th edition of Kino Otok – Isola Cinema. On Wednesday, 17th July, Selfie by the Italian director Agostino Ferrente (France/Italy, 2019) wil be screened. The film received the world premiere at the Berlin film festival. The director gave two sixteen year olds from an infamous neighbourhood ruled by the mafia Camorra, a mobile phone for filming, creating a shockingly truthful look into their everyday life and their friendship. Between Wednesday, 17 July and Sunday, 21 July, a musical and visual experience will be happening. Remains – Confessions to the Ghosts (Slovenia, 2018) is a film composed of the dark balladic rock of Niko Novak and unused footage from the film Mama by the director Vlado Škafar that Niko Novak and Matevž Jerman edited into untouchable, highly amorphous feelings between sight and sound, landscape and distances.

You can see the entire programme of Stazione di Topolo here. Free entry.

On Tuesday, 30 July, we will stop by with the film Selfie under the stars of Open-Air Cinema Silvan Furlan in Nova Gorica that offers socializing alongside film projections at the city square. Free entry.

See you on the Island!