Slovenian Network of Voluntary Organizations

The Otok Institute is a member of the Slovenian Network of Volunteer Organisations. Since 2011, it has been included in the Register of Volunteer Organisations and Organisations with a Volunteer Programme. The network includes more than 1300 organisations, which makes it the largest content network and, as such, recognised by the state.


The Otok Institute is a signatory of the Organised Volunteering Code of Ethics, which means we abide by the following principles of volunteering:




  • The organisation shall present the code of ethics, the rules of the organisation’s operation and the system of volunteer work to the volunteer. If required, it shall provide explanations about particular provisions in the code. The organisation shall conclude a cooperation agreement with the volunteer.
  • In case of persons under the age of fifteen or persons with reduced capacity to contract, the organisation has to obtain the written consent of their parents or guardians, both for performing volunteer work and receiving volunteer assistance.
  • The organisation shall respect the volunteer’s free decision to become involved in volunteer work and to end the cooperation.
  • The organisation shall appropriately train the volunteer for the volunteer work they are to perform. It shall provide them with information and the fundamental knowledge for the tasks which they will come across in their work.
  • Based on the nature of the work, the organisation can decide on the suitability of the volunteer for a particular job and, if needs be, redirects them or helps them choose some other suitable volunteer work.
  • The organisation shall make sure that everybody in the organisation and all people involved in the work that the volunteer will be performing are informed about the role of the volunteer.
  • The organisation shall make sure that the volunteer is recognisable by providing them with an appropriate symbol, card or the like.
  • The organisation and the volunteer shall co-create the programme of volunteer work and the conditions for its performance.
  • During their cooperation, the organisation shall provide the volunteer with support and concurrent evaluation of their work.
  • The organisation is responsible for conducting volunteer work programmes and especially the protection of underage volunteers.
  • The organisation shall issue certificates on completed training and volunteer work.


The Otok Institute has the status of a youth-friendly organisation, which means that, in our organisation, volunteers under the age of 18 receive support in line with the Volunteering Act. We respect the principle of the protection of children, minors and persons partially or wholly incompetent to contract as stated in Article 13 of the Volunteering Act. With underage volunteers that perform more than 24 hours of volunteer work per year we conclude written agreements and obtain the consent of their parents or legal guardians. We ensure mentorship and the implementation of other volunteer rights provided in Article 25 of the Volunteering Act.


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