On the Island

The numerous activities are promoted under the programme, jointly named Na Otoku/On the Island as ‘Otok’ translates literally as ‘Island’ in English. This is also a crucial branding tool guaranteeing a continuity of presence that keeps the audience engaged during the entire year and culminates in their visiting the festival. These activities are designed to nurture and deepen years-long partnerships with numerous national and international cultural institutions in the film area and beyond.


There are four main strands of this programme:


Hommage to a Vision Festival is a seven-city seven-day chain of events in October whose main organizer is Kinoatelje of Italian Gorizia. It takes the form of a monographic overview, presenting one author who combines aesthetic values with sensibility towards cultural and political environment and stands for intercultural communication, and awarding him with Darko Bratina Award. This internationally renowned project connects the most important film institutions in the region and takes place in Ljubljana, Trieste, Gorizia, Nova Gorica, San Pietro al Natisone, Udine and Koper. We organize the Koper event and give promotional support for the whole chain of events. The festival is based on Darko Bratina Award, given since 1998 in memory of Kinoatelje’s founder Darko Bratina, sociologist, film critic and Italian senator who saw film as an exceptional tool for understanding one’s identity. Some of the past awardees are Peter Mettler, Dalibor Matanić, Villi Hermann, Laila Pakalnina, Ruth Beckermann, Karpo Godina. The programme of the past years is available HERE. Information about the upcoming edition is available at the festival’s brand-new website www.poklonviziji.com.

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The Silvan Furlan Open-Air Cinema is an open-air cinema in the Slovenian bordering municipality of Nova Gorica named after the renowned Slovenian personality in arthouse cinema. We joined forces with Nova Gorica to enhance the distribution of European film in the area and have since been bringing to this cinema festival film works after the festival as the events in Nova Gorica take place in July and August.

Rezultat iskanja slik za letni kino nova gorica



Topolo Station is a 26-year-long widely recognized festival in a village in the Italian bordering region of Venetia. This region was remarkably enlivened particularly because of this unique string of cultural events during the first half of July. With our participation the events broadened to include film evenings. We bring filmmakers to accompany film works, thus strengthening already forged cooperation ties and creating a visible promotion and presence of the festival. The programme is available HERE.

Rezultat iskanja slik za postaja topolove



Video on the Beach. We make a selection of best films by young international filmmakers from the Video on the Beach section and we present them at various other film festivals or independently in cinemas and other venues. Thus we enable the circulation of works from young filmmakers and their presentation to new audiences.