Submarine 2017

SUBMARINE – Otok for Kids


This year, Submarine – Otok for Kids is exploring how stories go from oral tradition, through words and pictures on paper, to the screen – and back. Many stories live and grow, and may be experienced, in various forms: in speech, writing, static or moving pictures. No need to choose your favourite; each of them fascinates in a different way and they can all happily coexist.


The Submarine is happy to have on board not only children and youngsters, but also their parents and guardians, as well as film and education professionals.






2. 6., 17.00

Ernest et Célestine/Ernest & Celestine 5+

Benjamin Renner, Vincent Patar, Stéphane Aubier, Francija, Belgija, Luksemburg/France, Belgium, Luxembourg, 2012, 79′, sinhroniziran v slovenščino/In Slovene


The story of an unlikely friendship between Celestine, a bohemian mouse trying to avoid a dental career, and a grumpy bear named Ernest, who would not become a notary. This relentlessly funny, slightly looney adaptation of French children’s books by Gabrielle Vincent is a visually striking tale of eternal values and kind-heartedness for all generations.


3. 6., 16.00

Toen mijn vader een struik werd/The Day My Father Became a Bush 8+

Nicole van Kilsdonk, Nizozemska, Hrvaška, Belgija/The Netherlands, Croatia, Belgium, 2016, 90′, v nizozemščini s slovenskimi podnapisi/In Dutch with Slovene subtitles


Ten-year-old Toda lives in a bakery with her dad, the best pastry chef in town. Her carefree childhood is put on hold when her dad is called to defend his country in a war, while Toda is sent to live with her mother in a neighbouring country. On this challenging journey, she meets strange people and faces danger every step of the way, but her courage and honesty always help her find a way. Based on a book by Joke van Leeuwen.


Screening with: Olaf in Hugo (2016, 2′)


4. 6., 11.00

Double bill: Magical Creatures From the Mountains + Hillbillies 5+

40′ + 16′, In Slovene

Guest: Marjan Manček


Hribci – Prava pot (Slovenia, 1993, 6′), Hribci – Zajtrk (Slovenia, 1993, 5′), Hribci – Trofeja (Slovenia, 1993, 5′)


Musician Jelena Ždrale and storyteller Rok Kušlan buried themselves in old folk tales from the Julian Alps, sent them flying through time loops, took them apart and rearranged them into an event of music and storytelling for children, grown-ups, and the undecided.

Followed by three animation shorts, in which Slovenian illustration genius Marjan Manček brought to life the adventures of Dalibor, Miliboža and Milimir, the legendary Slovenian Stone Age family of Hillbillies.


Screening with: La Coccinella


4. 6., 13.00, free admission

Fresh Film Catch

60′, In Slovene


Films made by primary school children in film workshops, classes, and camps.

Roža (filmski tabor Nova Gorica, Ustanova Silvana Furlana, 2016, 3’), James Bermuda (filmski tabor Nova Gorica, Ustanova Silvana Furlana, 2016, 5’), The Show Must Go On (filmska delavnica ABC, Kinoatelje, 2016, 3’), Sounds (filmski tabor Nova Gorica, Ustanova Silvana Furlana, 2016, 7’), Kapitalistične svinje (tekmovanje Slovenščina ima dolg jezik, GEPŠ Piran, 2017, 11′), Portret izgubljenim (tekmovanje Slovenščina ima dolg jezik, Gimnazija Koper, 2017, 7’), On Line Off Line (filmski tabor Nova Gorica, Ustanova Silvana Furlana, 2016, 4’), premiera filmov izobraževalnega projekta mladih Slovencev v Italiji Vse kar imam nosim s seboj: Begunčev kovček (Kinoatelje, 2017), premiera kratkega filma OŠ Lucija


4. 6., 16.00

Tschick/Goodbye Berlin 12+

Fatih Akin, Germany, 2016, 93′, In German with Slovene subtitles


14-year-old Maik is spending the summer holidays bored and alone at his parents’ villa, when rebellious teenager Tschick appears. Tschick, a Russian immigrant and an outcast, steals a car and decides to set off on a journey away from Berlin with Maik tagging along for the ride. So begins a wild adventure where the two experience the trip of a lifetime and share a summer that they will never forget. Based on Wolfgang Herrndorf’s bestselling novel Tschick.


Screening with: Berr Grillz v porečju reke Pišnice





Wednesday to Sunday

SHARPENING THE VIEW – Young Critics Workshop


In a relaxed festival atmosphere, overlooking the sea or under the stars, a group of participants will engage in in-depth discussions about the films, stalk the guests and ply them with questions, try their hand at writing and polish the texts through comments given by their trainer Maja Krajnc, editor-in-chief of KINO! magazine and head of the film education programme for students at Slovenian Cinematheque. The reviews will be posted on the festival and workshop websites. Co-organised by the Kino! Society for Expanding Film Culture and Otok.


Friday, 16.00–17.00

Saturday, 14.00–16.00

Greetings: Postcard making workshop


Children of all ages can join Rawan Hourani, a student of the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, to make colourful postcards and send them to refugee children in accommodation centres across Europe, or to their loved ones. Hint: the list of supplies includes straws and detergent.

Free admission.


Friday to Sunday

Strip te gleda: Exhibition of comic strip art


The result of a creative challenge in which children from schools across Istria made comic strips based on books or literary characters of their choice. When your favourite book comes to life in front of your eyes! Organised by Otok.

Free admission.


Friday, 15.00–17.00

Saturday and Sunday, 10.00–16.00

Play area


Freely accessible, fun-filled play and reading area, with books and comic books that inspired the films on this year’s programme. Come and enjoy the stories as a warm-up for a film screening. The books were kindly provided by the Izola City Library.

Free admission.


Screenings for schoolchildren

House of Culture and Art Cinema Odeon, 31. 5.–4. 6.


A selection of the most exciting stories from all corners of the world:

Trije razbojniki/The Three Robbers, 4+, Mali princ/The Little Prince, 7+, Pojdi z mano/Come Along, 9+, Gospodična Nemitežit/Miss Impossible, 11+, Trgovinica za samomore/The Suicide Shop, 13+, Speče dekle/Girl Asleep,  15+





House of Culture
3. 6., 11.00

Arem: International Film Education Project panel


Arem (A New European Methodology for Film Literacy) is an international project run by Otok and its partners to promote film literacy by carrying out action research in 4 schools in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania. The main objective of the project is to develop a common methodology for film literacy activities in schools to be adaptable to different contexts. At the panel, the partners will present their first findings and discuss the challenges they faced when working with the same contents in different cultural contexts.

Arem is being realised with the support of the Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme, which is carried out in Slovenia by the national information office CED Slovenija. Taking part in the project are the Croatian Film Association, CineCultura, the Otok Institute and the main coordinator, Milano Film Network.

Free admission.


3. 6., 12.30

Let’s Meet! A get-together of film and education professionals


Lunch for Arem project partners, Slovenian film and education professionals and other interested parties will provide an excellent opportunity to meet and share thoughts and experience.

Free admission.


3. 6., 14.00

Unveiling the View with Mirjana Borčić

Maja Weiss, Slovenia, 2017, 52′, in slovene with english subtitles


The documentary portrays the pioneer of film education Mirjana Borčić, a 91-year-old film pedagogue and writer, and the beginnings of film education and the movement for film culture in Slovenia. What is the essence of film education and how is it to be conducted in schools? Her students and fellow travellers, who are today the most prominent film and pedagogical authorities, join in the reflections.

Followed by a Q&A with Mirjana Borčič and Koni Steinbacher.


Guests of the Submarine programme:


Alice Arecco, Milano Film Network

AREM: International Film Education Project panel

Patrizia Rappazzo, Milano Film Network

AREM: International Film Education Project panel

Bianca Badialetti, Milano Film Network

AREM: International Film Education Project panel

Naima Comotti, Milano Film Network

AREM: International Film Education Project panel

Maria Rosa del Buono, Milano Film Network

AREM: International Film Education Project panel

Kristina Dorić, Hrvatski filmski savez

AREM: International Film Education Project panel

Sanja Zanki, Hrvatski filmski savez

AREM: International Film Education Project panel

Roxana Busu, CineCultura

AREM: International Film Education Project panel

Mihai Orasanu, CineCultura

AREM: International Film Education Project panel

Mirjana Borčič, a pioneer of film education

Unveiling the View with Mirjana Borčić

Koni Steinbacher, director

Unveiling the View with Mirjana Borčić