Submarine – Otok for Kids 2018

Submarine Warm-up Events

Izola City Library


30. 5., 18.00–19.00

Workshop: Cardboard puppets

Join Martina Ljubič to make superhero puppets using cardboard and collage techniques. The creations will be exhibited on the location of the Submarine programme.


31. 5., 18.00–19.00

Screening: Slovenian animation heroes

Kralj Matjaž/King Matheus, Katarina Nikolov, Slovenia, 2018, 11′

Koyaa – Lajf je čist odbit/Koyaa the Extraordinary, Kolja Saksida, Slovenia, 2011, 3′

Podlasica/The Weasel, Timon Leder, Slovenia, 2016, 12′

Koyaa – Divji ležalnik/Koyaa – Wild Sunbed, Kolja Saksida, Slovenia, 2017, 3′

Maček Muri – Rojstni dan/Muri The Cat, Jernej Žmitek, Slovenia, 2013, 11′

Maček Muri – Sprehod/Muri The Cat – Going For A Walk, Jernej Žmitek, Slovenia, 2016, 12′

Organised by Otok and the Izola City Library.

Free admission.



Submarine screenings & workshops


Submarine – Otok for Kids is back with new seas to explore: super friends are a source of strength to move mountains. For children and youngsters, super friendship is a way to unlock the creative power of their imagination, learn to work with others, and build a support network. Through the films and activities on the programme, they will see that they, too, can become true superheroes, develop unanticipated talents, or even find a friend in … a machine. Together we are stronger!
The Submarine is happy to have on board not only children and youngsters, but also their parents and guardians, as well as film and education professionals.


House of Culture


8. 6., 16.00

Super Friends = Superpower exhibition opening

Grand exhibition opening in the presence of young artists.

The exhibition marks the grand finale of a creative campaign run throughout the school year by Otok, in which kids from schools and other institutions across Slovenian Istria created their superheroes who can conquer anything using the power of friendship.

On display until 10. 6.

Free admission.


8. 6., 17.00

Fergi: Zabava na podeželju/Gråtass – Gøy på landet/Little Grey Fergie: Country Fun 4+

Peder Hamdahl Næss, Norway, 2016, 78′, In Slovene

Distribution in Slovenia FIVIA – VOJNIK

Fergie Double Bill, Friday & Sunday: See two Fergie films for the price of one

When a curious boy named Gustav moves next door to a farm, he meets some amazing new neighbours. But the most amazing of all becomes his new best friend: a little grey tractor named Fergie! Together, they go on an exciting adventure to rescue a baby goat. First they need to join forces to help a farmer win the annual farm competition at Farmer’s Market Festival.


9. 6., 15.00

Workshop: Costume design in cinema

Imagine all the things that can become part of a film costume. Come and explore with us, make a superhero puppet, and craft a mask just like those worn by characters in Supa Modo.

Free admission.


9. 6., 16.00

16. 6., 17.00 (Kinodvor)

Superjunakinja Modo/Supa Modo 8+

Likarion Wainaina, Germany, Kenia, 2018, 74’, In Swahili, Kikuyu, English with Slovenian subtitles

9-year-old terminally ill Jo loves action movies and dreams about becoming a superhero. Her sister Mwix encourages Jo to believe in her superpowers. Together with the village community they turn Jo’s dreams into reality. An inspiring story about the superpower of imagination and the unusual ways we say goodbye to people we love with the help of a friendly community.

In collaboration with Kinobalon.

10. 6., 10.00

Frišni filmski ulov: naši najmlajši / Fresh Film Catch: Our youngest ones

25′, In Slovene

Films made by preschoolers.

Zvoni! (Vrtec Mavrica, 2015, 20′)

Premiere screening: Mlini doline reke Dragonje (vrtec Scuola dell’infanzia “La Coccinella”, 2018, 5′)

Free admission.


10. 6., 10.30

Workshop: Our four-legged friends

Join the Slovenian society for animal assisted therapy to walk, groom, feed and do tricks with therapy dogs, and discover what else these frisky creatures can do. Organised by Otok and the Ambasadorji nasmeha society.

Free admission.


10. 6., 11.00

Fergi: Dirka/Gråtass gir gass/Little Grey Fergie: Full Throttle 4+

Peder Hamdahl Næss, Norway, 2016, 80’, In Slovene

Distribution in Slovenia FIVIA – VOJNIK

Fergie Double Bill, Friday & Sunday: See two Fergie films for the price of one

The antique tractor Fergie has a heart that beats for his friends. But this time his heart ends up in a body of a bright red sports car, so Fergie sets off for new adventures looking mighty different! When the owner of the Auto Museum wants to buy Fergie, Fergie finds himself torn between the exciting life of a car and his old life at the farm. His friend Gustav decides to return Fergie’s heart to where it belongs: back in the body of a little grey tractor.


10. 6., 13.00

Fresh Film Catch

79′, In Slovene

Films made by primary school children in film workshops, classes, and camps.

Kino bonton (delavnica Muzeja slovenskih filmskih igralcev in zavoda Dagiba, 2017, 2’28”), Janko in Metka (produkcija Ustanova Silvana Furlana, 2017, 10’31”), Bitka na vodi (filmski krožek OŠV Ankaran, 2017/2018, 2′), Akceptacija (filmski tabor Nova Gorica, Ustanova Silvana Furlana & Kinoatelje, 2017, 4′), G. prof. Flosrosea (filmski tabor Nova Gorica, Ustanova Silvana Furlana & Kinoatelje, 2017, 6′), Zadovoljni Kranjčan (filmski krožek OŠ Staneta Žagarja Kranj, 2017/2018, 7′), Where Am I? (dramski krožek OŠ Rudija Mahniča-Brkinca Pregarje, 2016/2017, 6′), Mladost na poti (projekt Blizu vas, Luksuz produkcija, 2017, 10′), clouds. (filmski tabor Nova Gorica, Ustanova Silvana Furlana & Kinoatelje, 2017, 5’39”), Krvava senca (tekmovanje Slovenščina ima dolg jezik, GEPŠ Piran, 2018, 9′), Ko poči film (filmski tabor Nova Gorica, Ustanova Silvana Furlana & Kinoatelje, 2017, 9’26”), Čuknjeni galebi (filmski krožek OŠ Vojke Šmuc Izola, 2017/2018, 2’35”), Zakleta kolebnica (filmski krožek OŠ Vojke Šmuc Izola, 2017/2018, 2′), Vojna jezikov (filmski krožek OŠ Vojke Šmuc Izola, 2017/2018, 2′)

Free admission.


10. 6., 15.00

Workshop: Movement in cinema

Join us to recreate the story about a curious sport as we try hobbyhorsing just like they practice it in Finland, and create a proper athletic dance routine. Nataša Brecelj of the Brecelj Studio will show us her unique hand-made hobbyhorses, which will be on sale during the event.

Free admission.


10. 6., 16.00

17. 6., 15.00 (Kinodvor)

Revolucija lesenih konjičkov/Keppihevosten vallankumous/Hobbyhorse Revolution 10+

Selma Vilhunen, Finland, 2017, 90’, In Finnish with Slovenian subtitles

Never stop doing what you love: A funny and moving documentary about teenagers who discover their own voice and talent through riding and making hobbyhorses, a widely popular subculture in Finland. Many young women and girls demonstrate in this film that hobbyhorsing is not a children’s game but a means to recharge one’s batteries, gain recognition and experience the feeling of belonging. “Respect to the hobbyhorses!”

In Collaboration with Kinobalon.



ALSO on board the Submarine


Friday, 15.00–17.00

Saturday and Sunday, 10.00–16.00

Play area

Freely accessible, fun-filled play area, with toys, board games and even table football and hobbyhorses. The Izola City Library has also kindly provided books with inspiring stories about friendship. Come and have a nice read, a fun game, or a good laugh with the Submarine crew members, as a warm-up for a film screening.

Free admission.


6. 6.–10. 6.

SHARPENING THE VIEW – Young Critics Workshop

In a relaxed festival atmosphere, a group of participants above the age of 17 will engage in in-depth discussions about the films, ply festival guests with questions, try their hand at writing and polish the texts through comments given by their trainer Maja Krajnc, editor-in-chief of KINO! magazine and head of the film education programme for students at Slovenian Cinematheque. The reviews will be posted on the festival and workshop websites. Organised by the Kino! Society for Expanding Film Culture and Otok. More information and registrations (by 30 May): [email protected]. The number of participants is limited. Registration fee: 15€.


Screenings for schoolchildren

House of Culture and Art Cinema Odeon, 6. 6.–8. 6.

A selection of the most exciting stories from all corners of the world:

Pika in Packa packata/Spot and Splodge Plotspotting, 3+, Zverinice iz gozda Hokipoki/In the Forest of Huckybucky, 4+, Kdo ima danes rojstni dan/In the Attic: Who Has a Birthday Today?,7+, Ali – ali/Taking Chances, 8+, Novi mulc/The New Kid, 11+, Banda punc/Girlhood, 14+, Družina/The Family, 15+



SUBMARINE for culture and education professionals

House of Culture


9. 6., 11.00

Panel: Ongoing projects for film education in Slovenia and development of film education in Slovenian Istria

The panel discussion will focus on two 5-year film education projects run by the Slovenian Art Cinema Association and the Slovenian Cinematheque as training for education and film education professionals from primary and secondary schools in Slovenia, and their joint web portal The aim of the discussion is to share examples of good practice in film education and start a dialogue with education professionals from Slovenian Istria to possibly develop new film education projects in the region. Panellists: Petra Gajžler (Slovenian Art Cinema Association) and Maja Krajnc (Slovenian Cinematheque).

The event will be in Slovenian.