Sweet 15: Kino Otok’s Opening Ceremony with the Film She

Sweet 15: Kino Otok’s Opening Ceremony with the Film She

On Thursday, 6. June, the 15th international film festival Kino Otok – Isola Cinema enters the second day at its central Isola venue where the festival’s opening ceremony will take place at Open Air Cinema Manzioli at 21.00 with the film She by this year’s festival guest Shaji N. Karun.

Indian cineaste was a guest at the very first and the tenth Kino Otok edition. This year he returns to Isola to co-create a magical celebration of the first fifteenth years with his new film. His film focuses on the relationship between a man and a woman, a painter and a mysterious mermaid, the province and the metropolitan centre, reverie and actuality.


Odeon festival programme will today at 19.00 be accompanied by a talk by another old friend of the festival. Croatian filmmaker Ivan Ramljak is introducing his new documentary Home of the Resistance, a film about the scientific research centre in Kumrovec. The projector in Art Cinema Odeon will move light with the film First Reformed by Paul Schrader who was nominated for an Academy Award for best screenplay, otherwise frequently cooperating with the renowned film director Martin Scorsese. His film work is a manifesto of the ecological catastrophe, excessiveness of capitalism and human green, as the same time it is a brutally poetic manifesto of the human loneliness and a need of closeness.

Ancient Woods by the Lithuanian creator Mindugas Survila will grow over the Odeon theatre. He has been dreaming of making a film like this since fifth grade. It is screening with Welcome. made by a local Isola filmmaker Davorin Marc. The screen will shine with the lyrical documentary story Transnistra by a Swedish director Anna Erbron, and a work of filmic art Zama from the Argentinian master Lucrecia Martel, based on the eponymous novel from the year 1956.

Today we start PRO, a programme for film professionals and other interested public. In Manzioli palace there is an event by Art Cinema Network Slovenia (AKMS) focused on analysing the pros, cons, dangers and opportunities of VOD platforms.

As it becomes dark, at the Lighthouse that is a stone’s throw away, opens the first evening of short films at Video on the Beach. The sea behind the screen the first section of short films collected under the name Beyond the City, Beyond Family Ties. The traditional section sharpens the tender sea waves by projecting short films by rising filmmakers from near and far. Afterwards the Lighthouse will light to the beat of the event with Tony Tramontana (Trite) organised by Neodvisni obalni radio.

See you at Otok!