Dear Friends, Supporters, Colleagues,

on Sunday, 9 June, we said goodbye in Izola to the 15th International Film Festival Kino Otok – Isola Cinema, which started its screenings on 23 May in Cerknica, afterwards visited Ljubljana, Koper, Idrija, Sežana and Tolmin, and will irrevocably leave the silver screens for this year on 22 June in Ljubljana’s cinema Kinodvor.

We spent five summer sunny days in Izola with the task that the guests, visitors, organisers and partners together enjoy the invigorating film ties that have been forming over the 15 years of our existence, and jointly looked towards the bright future. Here you will find some video memories.

To all who joined the celebration of a small jubilee with a loyal support or a fresh curiosity, we sincerely thank from the bottom of our hearts! As a small team of a boutique film festival we wish and are able to realise the ideas only by the energy, formed by an Otok community.

We will also be most grateful for your feedback on our mail on this year’s edition and any initiatives for future film gatherings you might share with us.

May summer bring many sunny moments!

Your Islanders