The Island weekend will feature an impetous stampede of images

The Island weekend will feature an impetous stampede of images

We will start with the festival weekend in Izola, which will take over already known venues and new nooks, and settle into galleries and squares. At 21.00, Manzioli’s open-air cinema will feature an impetous stampede of images and multiple somersaults – the film Bikini Moon by Milcho Manchevski, presented by the godmother of the film, actress Maruša Majer. For her, this film »creates a fruitless hope in us that the seemingly irreparable living circumstances can be surpassed and that everyone can be the hero of his/her own life and in the end everything will be fine.« Afterwards the adventurous The Wild Boys by Bertrand Mandic will be projected on the big screen under the stars.

The program of the 4th day of the 14th Kino Otok – Isola Cinema international film festival began with workshop PRO Otok, regarding the »Virtual and Expanded reality: VR experience, presentations and forum,« that will be followed by the discourses in the afrernoon. PRO Otok, the island’s program for film professionals covers all kinds of views on film creation.

Art Kino Odeon will project the film The Congo Tribunal by Milo Rau. It shows how the director in a particular civil court gathers victims, criminals, observers and analysts, and creates a precise and unshaken image of the greatest and bloodthirsty economic war in the history of mankind. The film will be sreeened in collaboration with the Bunker institution.

This will be followed by the sequence of short films »Skelehellavision«, which will be presented by the Dutch-American author, guest of Isola Martha Colburn, one of the most radical, original and subversive voices of modern experimental animated film. The screening will take place in collaboration with VIS Vienna Shorts.

Odeon’s large screens will afterwards curse in Finnish with the film Fuck Off 2 – Images from Finland, second part of the polemic classic by Jörn Donner. The first part was presented pre-festival in the framework of Isola in Ljubljana, in the Slovenian Cinematheque. In the late afternoon, Isola Cinema will premiere the film twins, collected under the name Europe 2.0Gürcan Keltek‘s Meteors and Ruth Beckermann‘s The Waldheim Waltz. You can see the two films for the price of one ticket.

At dusk, a sequence of short films by Jan Cvitkovič, collected under the name of Heart is More Than a Piece of Meat will be screened at another cinema location under the stars – Largo pri Špini.

The open-air cinema of the Video on the Beach at the Lighthouse will screen a series of short films Beyond Genre. You can see some of them on thon the fresh Vimeo Platform of the Video on the Beach. Under the pre-summer starry sky, the Isola beach will hit the rhythm of short films of not-yet-established filmmakers for the last time this year. The films will be followed up by a musical night at the Lighthouse, this time in the company of Recycleman.

The Submarine – Isola for the kids will have a superfriendship feel to it. At 16.00 the House of Culture in Izola will screen the story about superheroism and friendship, Supa Modo by Likarion Wainaine, which will be preceeded by workshop on costume designs in the film. We will be making our own dolls and masks, just like the characters from the film Supa Modo, which was also a surprise film on the eve of the festival.

In the Salsaverde Gallery, where an exhibition of the Slovenian Cinematheque on the small formats and home films is on display during the festival, you can explore your »eights« with the help of the archivist Nadja Šičara. Between 15.00 and 19.00 you can learn how to repair the damages on the tape and learn how to properly take care of and digitize the tapes.